PSA: Costco now selling thick cut bone-in steaks

Stopped by the Costco in Los Feliz yesterday and to my surprise, they had prime tomahawk rib eye steaks and bone-in t-bone steaks. Each steak was cut to about 2.5-3" thick. The tomahawk was $14.99/lb and was individually packed at ~$40/steak. The T-bones were $11.99/lb and packaged in two’s. Both these prices are pretty fantastic.

I’m not sure what availability is like in other Costco’s but if you’re near the Los Feliz location, go check it out!

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btw, the pic in that post. What I saw did NOT look like that. That looks amazing.

How do you guys cook those? The same way as the small ones?

Set out and bring to room temp. Salt/pepper or rub and indirect heat on bbq/grill or roast in oven until about 120° internal temp, then finish off on direct heat or grill/grill pan/cast iron pan.

I would suggest salt and peppering while you let it come to temperature. The salt helps draw out moisture and helps intensify the beef flavor in the meat. Salt and pepper once more prior to cooking, as it also helps develop a lovely crust.

I also use the reverse-sear method.

But instead of finishing off on the pan, I take a creme brûlée torch to it.

Here is the technique I have been using for almost a year. Perfect Porterhouse Steak Recipe | Bon Appétit I know the recipe says its for porterhouse, but I use it for ribeye. I am a dyed-in-the-wool mesquite charcoal man - and I love the reverse sear J. Kenji Lopez Alt pioneered, but after trying this I haven’t been able to bring myself to cook a steak any other way. The method is counter intuitive - it breaks all the rules, but the beef flavor comes out like nothing else I have ever tried. I know ipsedixit, whose opinion I so respect, and others have decried the application of butter to steak, but this really works. You may have to increase the cooking time a bit as the Costco tomahawks are really thick.
Thank God this isn’t Chowhounds where this discussion would have been banished to another thread.

I just can’t get myself to cut a steak before resting it and throwing it back in the pan. I just can’t.

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I know, I know - its completely counter intuitive, but it works like nothing else I have tried. I didn’t want it to work - I love my Weber kettle, but it did. In one of the few times I have ever watched the Food Network they were at Peter Luger’s and that’s how they do it…makes no sense, but the reverse sear didn’t either…

Plus the butter sauce is divine…drizzled on a baked potato…you can imagine…

Reverse Sear makes perfect sense to me. This does not.

Maybe one day I’ll have the balls to try this on a $30 piece of meat.

Ralphs carries USDA Prime now. They often have ribeyes on sales. Try it on a $15 piece of meat. If it doesn’t work let me know and we can figure out how to reimburse you. I didn’t believe it either.

Here’s one of the T-bones I sous vide’d. Was pretty delicious although wished the filet side was more substantial.

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To resurrect an old thread with an update: I didn’t make it to Costco this weekend so not sure if they are still doing the meat roadshow, but I did pick up a couple of excellent rib-eyes on Monday. They now sell prime rib-eyes as either eye, the center part of the cut, or cap, the outer band.
In the interests of science I cooked the eye with a sous-vide to 130 and finished it in a smoking hot cast iron pan. It was very good, but both my wife and I thought the “Peter Luger” method produced a “beefier” flavor. Pics of both attached. The plate with corn on it is the “Peter Luger” method.

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what’s the PL method?

I’ve been to Costco numerous times to find the meat roadshow and it was a fail everytime. Apparently it’s not a regular thing. One guy told me that the next one will be on Superbowl weekend, at least at the Los Feliz location.

Its a completely counter-intuitive method that breaks all the rules, but produces great results:

Agree, I find traditional grilling over coals or cast iron pan yields a better steak, better mouth feel vs. sous vide.

ah ok yeah i’m familiar with this technique. Is this really how PL cooks their steaks?

According to this video…yes. the weird part is about 2:26 in.
Bobby Flay adapted it for home ranges as they don’t get anywhere near as hot as Luger’s broilers, but yes that’s how they do it.