PSA for Grass Jelly (仙草) fans ---> Health Station (Diamond Bar)

If you like grass jelly (or 仙草) like I do, but would rather not suck down cube after cube of grass jelly borne of a one-hour quickie in the back seat of a Hyundai Sonata between black powdered mix and warm tap water, then get thee to Health Station in Diamond Bar.

Health Station is a tea and grass jelly cafe masquerading as an acupuncture clinic. Or is it an acupuncture clinic masquerading as a tea/grass jelly cafe?

Regardless, the grass jelly here is made in-house using, even growing the actual herb, M. chinensis (or otherwise known as 凉粉草).

What you get is a drink that is herbaceous and reminiscent of lavender with a slight bitter finish.

Seriously, I go on and on about this place and the grass jelly there, but if you like grass jelly like I do, you probably have stopped reading already and just skipped to the bottom to find out where this place is. Well, here you go …

Health Station
20657 Golden Spring Drive (in the Golden Springs Plaza)
Diamond Bar
(Exit Brea Canyon Road off the 60 fwy, then turn onto Gold Spring, major cross street is Lemon)

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