PSA: Peach Donuts now available at Donut Man

Suffice to say, I did not have any as I had my fill of sweets for the afternoon with the patented Morfia’s Baklava Cheesecake from Irine’s Cafe up the road on Glendora Ave.

But back to Donut Man … yes, you can now get your fill of peach donuts for the next 6 weeks or so.


Yes, they began switching over 13 July…when I went that evening, both strawberry and peach were available for sale. Peach donuts were fresh and good, better than the last time I had one (a few years ago–I generally prefer the strawberry ones by a margin).

How uncanny. I was sitting at a table at Irine’s munching on some of those excellent dolmathes waiting for my pastichio when you posted this.

Reading this, the hair on the back of my neck felt like static on the back of a cat and I froze. An Asian couple was at the table next to me, and a slice of baklava cheesecake was on their table. But I soon realized they were not you.

The guy was fumbling with a ketchup bottle, trying to coax out the stubborn sauce by holding the bottle upside down while frantically shaking it. Frantic is not part of your disposition and you would be far more adept. Also no blue face. And no Bugatti Chiron parked out front. And she was not Eva Green.

I ordered the baklava cheesecake and baklava to go - far too stuffed to eat it there. I was seated by the wall where Morfia’s patent certificate is proudly displayed on the wall. I’m guessing this is somewhat superfluous but who knows. Regardless, the food at Irine’s was very enjoyable and the service was quite good as well.

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is putting ketchup on cheesecake an asian thing? or just a glendora thing?


I thought everyone did this. No?

well, y’know…everyone…can be tough to grasp.
does gina gershon? zlatan ibrahimovic? kim horcher? andy gump?

Just tried that patented baklava cheesecake - it’s a winner! Their straight-up baklava is tremendous as well. If someone is stopping by The Donut Man, hit up Irine’s too. Bang-bang diabetic coma in Glendora.

It is indeed very good. Very very good.

Baklava cheesecake sounds fascinating.

It’s actually not a novel idea.

I’m curious as to how they got a patent on it.

Is there a lawyer in the house?

The link above shows they have a trademark on “Morfia’s Original Baklava Cheese Cake”. They don’t appear to have a patent, or even a trademark on “original baklava cheese cake” generally.

You’re right. Brain cramp on my part.

Good thing our use of the term constitutes fair use, right?

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It’s “just a” donut.

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Baklava cheesecake also available at Rodini Park in NoHo

I have dear neighbors who have family out that way. So, cuz they know I love it, at the beginning of Strawberry season and then, yesterday, peach season, Donut Man donuts tend to magically appear my door!

So so good.

I think this years peach are better than last years. Mmmmmmmm.

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