PSA: Silverlake Ramen opening in South Pasadena

New signage at the now-closed Penguin’s Ice Cream in the strip mall at the corner of Fair Oaks and Monterey (actual building fronts Oxley). It doesn’t look like remodeling has started yet. I haven’t tried any of the outposts of SL Ramen, but am crossing my fingers that it’s at least decent, since it’s in my 'hood!

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They are very aggressively expanding. Open in La Habra and Chino Hills as well.

I went to the Cerritos one with friends.
At best, it is just okay. To make their ramen dishes “spicy,” they add Sriracha.
IMO, it gives the broth a fermented flavor that’s just not too my taste. The regular broth is fine.


Yuck. No thanks.


In Pasadena, Tatsunoya is light years better than Silverlake Ramen, unless soy milk tonkotsu is your thing.


Yet there is always people outside waiting when I drive down Sunset.

They are probably using a concentrate too

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Manhattan Beach coming soon too!

Kopan Ramen built an empire off this

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Ugh. That’s a deal breaker right there.

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mere words can not adequately express my feelings on this. projectile vomiting would contribute mightily but the catharsis would remain incomplete.


Silver Lake has a Tatsunoya as well yet Silver Lake Ramen always has lines out the door while Tatsunoya is usually fairly empty. Interesting.

Opened a branch in San Diego too.

Seems like Silverlake caters more to people who don’t eat things. More vegan options plus

Is that where burger IM was supposed to be?? And been sitting empty for while. Crazy scandal that one was.

Just down street from modan ramen. What south pas really needs is a good viet place :laughing:

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What’s your point?

LA loves soy milk tonkotsu

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Don’t really have a point. Just wondering why SLR is so popular with the hamsters if the ramen at Tatsunoya is so much better. It’s not like they haven’t been “discovered” yet since they’ve been in the neighborhood for several years now. Last time I ate at SLR was years ago, thought it was serviceable. Never tried Tatsunoya.

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it follows that one would question how and why SLR would be successful outside of SL if the menu is aimed at the hamster demographic.


isn’t this the typical way for ramen places to expand? even in japan? SLR wouldn’t be the only one.

it’s harder and harder to find cooks and train them to make broths consistently so broth (tare) concentrates companies makes a consistent bagged product to the specification of the restaurant and the cooks there just need to add water. add noodles and toppings, and voila, fancy instant ramen lol. (and these concentrates are actually good… whether they are good for you is another question. but we have some for emergencies that you can get from Mutual Trading Co.)

Correct me if i’m wrong, but Keizo of Ramenshack pretty much said he’ll never have more than one restaurant at a time because it’s just too much work to make a proper broth from scratch. You don’t really see chains of pho (more than 3 places) for this reason.