PSA: Somni (SAAM at The Bazaar's new evolution) reservations available

Looks like they just put them live today with bookings available from March 9 - April 28:

Not a lot of details on the restaurant itself:

but the pictures that Chef Aitor Zabala has been posting in Instagram have got me pretty excited to see the space.

Sounds like a chef’s counter like é by José Andrés, which I loved a lot. Very excited to try this out.

Eater just dropped an ad/article:

How much demand is there in this city for these $300pp dinners? Doesn’t really seem like a sustainable business. But then again, N/Naka has been booked solid for years doing this so what do I know.

In the grand scheme of things, $185pp seems to be on the low side of expensive LA dinners.

haha ad? nice dig. It’s called reporting.

Couldn’t resist and I do appreciate your articles :slight_smile:

Thanks for linking to it.