Pujol, Mexico City - Well-Executed, but Maybe Less Ambitious than Before?


  • Pujol definitely has garnered quite a ton of hype over the years, especially in part due to Chef’s Table, which has propelled Enrique Olvera’s hospitality expansion both into LA and NYC.
  • Located in IMO, the Beverly Hills of CDMX, Pujol resides in one of the most beautifully constructed buildings I’ve ever stepped foot in; moody and well-designed in nearly ever square inch of the the property
  • The meal was about 3.5 hours, and the staff all provided wonderful explanations in English for us to to connect a little more to what we were eating.
  • At the time of dining, the meal costs $128.25 plus 15% tip = $147.49 USD, incredible price by US standards, however, leaves some to be desired when benchmarked against other restaurants in CDMX.


  • Execution was near perfect, essentially everything was very well-made
  • However, doesn’t taste emotionally resonant compared to other meals I’ve had this trip in Latin America [The weakest of El Chato & Quintonil IMO], and definitely less emotionally resonant than more affordable options like Contramar/Entremar, Fonda Fina, any assortment of tacos found throughout the city
  • Mole was definitely awesome



Course 1: Snacks

Smoked Baby Corn w/ a sauce made of coffee, costeño chilis, and chicatana ant

  • one of Pujol’s signature bites, this dish was a treat for all the senses. Incredible showmanship to bring it out in the pumpkin and let the smoke bellow out
  • The smokey smell brought about a certain feral/carnal meatiness to the entire
    -the sauce was viscous, dark, and a wonderful contrast to the sweet baby corn
  • definitely wish I could have some more!

Sope w/ Crispy Kale - forgot what the paste was

  • wonderfully chewy, corn-fragrant Sope base, creamy second layer, sweet caramelized onions/shallots and a crispy slice of kale on top
  • tasty tasty tasty snack

Course 2: Sea Snail Ceviche w/ Heart of Palm Juice, Parsnip

  • wonderfully meaty sea snails
  • had a certain minerality to it, that reminded me of red meat; think of slightly undercooked beef tendon in texture, where its still satisyingly chewy, however, isn’t uncomfortably tough at all
  • for some reason, the combination of cilantro oil and heart of palm juice with the beefy sea snails reminded me of pho
  • eat with taro chips

Course 3: Brussells Sprout Tlayuda, Almond Mojo, Ant Roe

  • seems painstakingly made
  • tastes like each leaf of the sprout was sautee’d in a basket over open flame, all having a wonderful toasty aroma
  • the tlayuda had an awesome brittleness; better than a typical tostada
  • the ant roe popped in your mouth and smeared creamily
  • almond mojo provided a wonderful brightness to contrast the roasty brussels sprouts and rich ant roe

Course 4: Rockfish from Baja, Mussel, Squash Huatape, Asparagus, Cachuazintle

  • wonderfully executed; everything was perfectly cooked
  • plump wonderful mussel, flakey soft rockfish
  • delicious squash huatape [the white sauce underneath]
  • IMO, this tasted very French in technique
  • depsite the incredible execution, wasn’t emotionally resonant for me

Course 5: Build your Own Tacos: Mushroom Mixiote, Mole amarillito, Wild Herbs

  • The mushroom mixture is cooked with chilis, garlic, onions, and I’m sure some Pujol secret ingredients in Mixiote paper then roasted over flames
  • Served with Sliced Avocado + Cilantro blossoms
  • Smooth Tahini w/ Cilantro Oil
  • Fluffy AF basmati rice w/ chives
  • fresh handmade tortillas
  • Overall, a fun interactive meal, with the flavor of the mushrooms being absolutely tremendous
  • Holistically as a dish, a little underwhelming, especially given the caliber of Pujol; this wasn’t necessarily a superior dish to say the Oyster Mushrooms at Bavel

our server unwrapping the mushrooms

fluffy, buttery basmati rice

smooth tahini w/ cilantro oil

Course 6: 2923 Day Old Mole Madre, Mole Nuevo made with Seasonal Fruit :bangbang: HIGHLIGHT DISH :bangbang:

-Probably the most recognizable dish at Pujol: the duet of old and new mole served with regular tortillas, and hoja santa tortillas

  • 2923 Mole Madre - insanely dark, rich, reminiscent of tobacco/cigarettes - Emotionally, this tasted like having your last cigarette on death row and savoring the taste in every capacity possible. There’s a heaviness, and smoke that lingers in your teeth and mouth that truly reminded me of smoking a cigarette
  • Mole Nuevo - by contrast,sweet, spicy, savory and bright. I’m thinking of tomatoes, caramelized onions, stewed apples; a melded sweetness that best reminded me of Japanese curry.
  • Eating these moles with the tortillas was also an incredible experience, apply a little bit at a time and enjoy with the very fragrant hoja santa tortilla [tastes similar to Korean perilla] or enjoy with a plain chewy corn tortilla.

Course 7 [woops left early because I had to hop on a work call]

  • my friends did bring me a choux pastry 30 minutes later. Top 3 choux pastry i’ve had in my life LOL


Overall, Pujol is an excellent restaurant with immaculate vibes and terrific food. It’s nowhere near the most emotional meal I’ve had, and I would probably need some strong convincing to make a return visit. I’d probably come back to try their Taco Omakase, but there are way too many other restaurants in CDMX worth trying over Pujol. Luckily, Enrique Olvera does have a few more casual eateries around the city that might scratch the itch a little bit better for me and be less of a commitment than a 3.5 hour meal.


outstanding reviews and review format!

their churro is arguably the second-best thing they make!