Pulled pork

Got a bone in pork shoulder from Von’s, put it in the crock-pot last night. Now I have all this delicious pork, What can I make with it? I’m not eating flour or sugar at the moment. Thinking of tacos and enchiladas and taquitos. All those are high in fat, if I add cheese and fry the tortillas. What you got?

Pulled pork fried rice
Pulled pork nachos
Pulled pork chiliquiles w/ sunny side up egg
Pulled pork and eggs w/ brick chili and rice
Pulled pork spam musubi
Pulled pork omelette

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I braise pork shoulder with nothing but salt. I like simple tacos with the “raw” Tortillaland tortillas they sell at Costco cooked in a dry pan. At least with the pork I buy, it has so much flavor I don’t want to add anything except some salsa and/or chopped onion and/or chopped cilantro.

Great ideas, going to make the fried rice, yum. Do you have a tried and true recipe for chiliquiles, never made it.

Thank you. Ramen sounds great but not eating flour.

I made tacos yesterday. Delish.

You can make your own red sauce by soaking dried, seeded chiles - this is the most labor intensive part- (arbol, pasilla, chipotle and ancho) in boiled water for a good 30 minutes. Then add the chiles to a blender, add some of the soaking liquid, a clove of garlic and blend away. Add salt to taste. Then strain through a strainer or chinois and you have your sauce.

Buy some thick tortilla chips. Some Hispanic markets sell “chips para chilaquiles” but if you can’t find them, just look for the thickest ones possible. For me, El Toro Bravo in Costa Mesa has really thick ones, as does the various El Gallo Giro locations. Both chips are tooth shatteringly hard, which I despise except for making chilaquiles.

Then get a sauté or fry pan and heat up the sauce. Add the chips and cook them in the sauce so they soak up the liquid. It is really that easy. All the hard part is making the sauce and finding the chips. ***you can also shortcut and buy a nice premade enchilada sauce (I like Trade Joes) and it will be really easy.

Add your heated pulled pork on top and top the whole thing with as many sunny side up eggs you like. I prefer sunny side up because the runny yolk makes a richer “sauce” but you can make whatever kind of eggs you want. Top with some fresh chopped cilantro and some cotija cheese.

Ok, will try it thanks!

Most recipes have you roast the chiles on a comal (or if you don’t have one in a dry pan) before soaking them.

Some don’t strain. Some reduce the sauce at the end.

Pulled pork, Indian style.

Recipe here: Roasted Pork Shoulder with a Masala Rub | My Annoying Opinions

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Damn, that pork roast looks good