Pumping up the pumpkin

I always like this time of year…enjoyed pumpkin ice cream from Carmelas, hell even a pumpkin spice frappacino at the airport, and recently a pumpkin pecan muffin at magnolias. im fixing to have one of those spooky sundaes with the fosselmans pumpkin ice cream at the carosel on the pier and then bang bang with the custard at pier burger too…maybe they will have seasonal pumpkin as their third flavor…anything else good out there? any pumpkin cheesecake sightings apart from CF?

Europane Bakery in Pasadean does great pumpkin squares in season with an ultra-flaky buttery scrust, and pair it with their soft-boiled egg salad served open-faced with sun dried tomato sauce on their classic raisin bread. (forgot, you don’t like egg salad, in which case replace with the meatloaf or rare roast beef).

Pumpkin Pie slices from the fucking Pan (yep, they just started serving those slices with the fresh whipped cream, you gots to have whipped cream with pumpkin pie slices and i just had a slice last week and washed it down with some cheddar cheese fries).

the mighty pumpkin ravioli from giorgio baldi (the fucking piece de resistance of this fucking sometimes played out ravioli, i could fucking live off this stuff but then i may have to foresake their Veal Chop Milanese pounded on the fucking bone).

Pumpkin pie shakes from Sonic.

pumpkin soup from Spago’s.

whole pumpkin pies from Mousse Fantasy.

kabocha squash (fuck it, it’s close enough) from Kiriko (but if you’re hitting it up you may as well go for a few rounds of my tamagoyaki and a couple blue crab hand rolls)

love this time of the year with the holidays and pumpkin spice and things nice perfuming the fucking ambrosial and wintry air to a proverbial fucking tee.



where ???

edible too ???


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the pumpkin pie ice cream mochi from trader joes are quite good! Little bits of crust inside too.

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