Pura Macha – Salsa Macha (CHIPOTLE + COFFEE + PEANUT) - Lao Man Ga spa day at the BBQ smokehouse

Imagine Lao Man Ga spending a day at the BBQ smokehouse soaking in the flavors, a sprinkle of sweetness and spiced with some ghost peppers. :yum:

From Macienda
CHIPOTLE + COFFEE + PEANUT is affectionately known as The Red Eye around Masienda HQ. A fiery blend of chipotle, morita and pasilla chiles have a cup of coffee with some peanuts. By far the spiciest of the three, we especially spoon this on all meats (and, we mean ALL), roasted yams, carrots, and portobello mushrooms.

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Chile Chipotle, Chile Morita, Chile Pasilla, Roasted Peanut, Ground Coffee, Pimenton, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt. Contains: peanuts.

Screenshot_2021-03-17 Pura Macha - Salsa Macha - Masienda