Qing Dao Bread Food-New Branch

Qing Dao Bread Food opened a new branch in Rowland Heights. Located in a small shopping center where Hainan Chicken used to be. Same menu as the main location in Monterey Park. They serve fish dumpling without meat. :smile: Business was decent at lunch when we visited today.

Address: 19255 Colima Rd.

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did you try their pork with the weapons grade garlic sauce?

No. But they gave us the garlic sauce with fish dumpling. I still can feel the garlic in my mouth.

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I’ve always been enamored by the idea of fish dumplings, but I don’t really like the fish dumplings at (the original) Qingdao Bread Food. They taste watery to me. Is it just me or is there some other place to try? (I do like the garlic sauce.)

try flavor garden in alhambra on valley. rumor has it the kingburg kitchen also makes good fish dumplings.

What else is good other than fish dumplings and pan fried pork/leek dumplings?

Lamb soup.

Okay I will try it. My friend told me she had good fish dumplings at a place in the Ranch 99 plaza. I’ll try that too.

I like the seaweed salad there. I know, I’m weird. But I do like it.

FWIW, i like the fish dumplings at flavor garden for the same reasons i like the ones at QDBF. so YMMV.

but when they first opened i liked just about everything at flavor garden, which is unusual for what i perceive to be a family run business - a place usually does one thing really well, and that’s the one reason to go there. i liked their spare ribs steamed with rice powder

and spicy sweet potato pho

fish dumplings

shrimp dumplings (with two pieces of actual shrimp inside each dumpling

but especially their beef roll

unfortunately, as their business improved, the law of diminishing returns set in and the quality IMO slipped a bit.

Aghoo’s Kitchen.

Just go.

Okay, I will go there. I love burdock root.

I think the name of that place is “New Golden City”.

former location of 10053 dumplings, isn’t it?


it got a little publicity as best hole in the wall from a writer who won’t be mentioned but whose name rhymes with… a miss away, i’ll probably check them out on a friday lunch.

Chinese people are so clever with names.

Well, not exactly. Same shopping center but a couple of doors down, near ipse’s beloved Ho Ho Kitchen

I think Thong Vy is now the occupant of the former Dumpling 10053 space, right?

Correct. Thong Vy is the fifth occupant of the Dumpling 10053 space since they picked up and moved to Atlantic Times Square in 2011. One shuttered so fast that they closed before I got there. Another one lasted about 2 months but I got there in time.