Quan Hop in Westminster for lunch

Went to Bihn Dan for lunch on a Tuesday, looking forward to my duck blood and cold beer, and turns out it’s closed on Tuesday. :unamused:

So rather than go someplace I’ve been before, we just turned into a mini mall that had an interesting looking restaurant.

The place was somewhat busy, with some tables filled with work colleagues and some families and quite a few folks coming in alone, ordering a bowl of soup, and leaving quickly.

I asked the waiter for a recommendation for an appetizer and I’m pretty sure we got bahn beo. It was different, thicker, than the one we had at Ben Ngu, but very tasty.

We also got crab rolls. They were good, especially with the noodles, but not the best frying job of cha gio.

The soup, Bun Bo Hue, was translated as spicy beef soup. I asked if it had blood in it, and the waiter said no. I said that I liked blood and then he said, okay, they’d put blood. I assume there is defacto blood unless you ask that it not be included. It was very good. I asked for some sliced chiles and they gave me a small plate of serranos which I added to the soup for a nice kick. The only off note was a piece of overdone beef at the bottom of the bowl. I do wonder if you are meant to eat it quickly, as most of the other diners eating alone were doing? then there are no over done pieces…?

Husband got grilled pork over noodles. It seemed to be a popular item, also. He devoured it.

The menu said they served beer and wine, but they only had beer. This place was very good and I’d definitely come back again. The only drawback was the music - horrible pop, rap and country songs I’d never heard before and hope never to hear again. Luckily, they didn’t play it very loudly and at some point, the music just stopped.