Quarters Kitchen - Yorba Linda

A bit disappointing as I was under the impression that Quarters BBQ (same one as K-town from the KHD ownership group) was opening up in Yorba Linda town square. The same plaza with Bristol Farms.

The actual restaurant is Quarters Kitchen which is a spin off fast casual of Quarters BBQ. The menu seems appropriate for the area and beggars can’t be choosers. I guess. Will report back when I have time to check it out.

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Def report back. I have some extended family in the area, and this might be a nice change of pace for them (although they are very unadventurous in terms of food).

Well that was fast. New signage up for Olive Seed all day brunch.

I never had a chance to try and wasn’t really interested in the concept. I’m not sure that North OC is ready for a premium Korean bbq place but I think this would have been more successful.

Let’s just say I wasn’t a fan of the place, they could have done much better, shocking they closed so fast though!