Quenelle owner change

Sometime this month (not sure when) owner/chef will no longer be associated with Quenelle. He sold all three of his stores. San Marino location will be converted to frozen yogurt, Poke place I’m unsure, Quenelle Burbank will remain but under new ownership. He plans on opening a restaurant somewhere in OC around December.


Like the world needs another poke place


Yelp already reporting San Marino as closed??

Yep, last Saturday was the last day


Gotta go to Quenelle Burbank tomorrow and get the 411 + gallons of ice cream and toppings.

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Goodbye sweet blueberry pie and vanilla mascarpone, with streusel on top


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That would explain why the windows were all covered when I drove by it on Sat… Argh.

Their IG makes it look like business as usual. Any new details anyone?

Private orders

dropped by the Burbank location, no noticeable signs of change. What really matters is the ice cream is still godly. That pan dan palm sugar caramel was fantastic.

Quenelle > McConnells > Sweet Rose Creamery for me. haven’t tried salt & straw yet, but it’s on the short list.