Quick Dinner near AMC Orange 30

Will be arriving in OC around 5:45-6. Need to be at AMC Orange 30 for a 7:15 showtime.

Anyone have suggestions for a one hour dinner in the area? Leaning hard towards Vietnamese food, but got lost for an hour in @JeetKuneBao’s epic Little Saigon Adventures thread, then lost another 45 minutes in @Chowseeker1999’s encyclopedic rundowns.
Main issue is we need something that can take four diners immediately and where the meal won’t take too long.

Help a brother out?

DTSA has a food hall. Would suggest Favori but an hour would be tight for their baked catfish.

Pho Tau Bay and Trieu Chau would be closed by then.

Which way are you coming from?

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Ah! Favori is a good call. If traffic is light then we might be able to just pull it off. I’ll keep it in my back pocket.

The OG Newport Seafood is also up the street from Favori. If no line and you don’t get lobster, that could probably work too.

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I was at Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan on Bolsa last week. The food came out fast and was delicious…a childhood favorite that my Mom no longer makes.
An addition to Newport advice, they take reservations.


Anepalco - 3737 W. Chapman Ave., Orange CA 92868


They take reservations, food is great, and the location is 2 blocks away, not Vietnamese though.


Their chilaquiles are different than any others I’ve had, bur they’re insanely good.


Looks like we’ll be coming from Norwalk.

Also, Anepalco got X-ed due to price. Not my call.

Not Vietnamese but since you’ll be coming down the 5 some options pretty close to the highway
Eight Korean BBQ
Kang Ho Dang
Zait n Zataar
Anaheim packing district

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Oc & Lau, but only if you can get in quickly. If there’s a wait, forget it.

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Wagyu Meat and Grill (Buena Park)

Portillos (Buena Park)

Olive Tree (Anaheim)

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Hi @frommtron,

I haven’t been to Ngu Binh at 5:45 - 6 p.m. on a Sunday, so I’ll let @attran99 @Ns1 @hppzz @JeetKuneBao chime in on wait times, but if it’s light, the food itself is quick to come out and very casual.

Maybe give them a call when you’re about 15 - 20 min out, to see how long the wait might be? Delicious food (Bun Bo Hue (Beef noodle Soup)).

Or I’d second Olive Tree as another option.

Good luck!

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This community! Gotta day, youse guys are the best.

Gonna play it by ear and see how traffic works to our benefit or disadvantage.

I’ve got a bunch of great suggestions. Currently mapped out and ready for a quick call.

Thank you, my people.