Quick Seattle Trip

Went to Seattle for a quick trip this past weekend.

First dinner was at Black Bottle Gastrotavern. We got a bunch of stuff but the standout was the shortrib. Great sweet jus (they call it “malbec glaze”) and the meat was fork tender.

For breakfast, we followed our footsteps from our last visit in 2012 or so to Seatown for the biscuit sandwich. We got one dungeness crab and one (hot) smoked salmon. I think the crab was superior, but they were both great and powered us to walk around the city all day.

We walked around Capitol Hill and stopped by the farmer’s market. Tons of blackberries, but the standouts were the cherries. I thought the bing were better than ranier. Also got black raspberries, which you don’t often see down in LA.

Surprisingly difficult to find a good place open on Sunday night, but we ended up going to How to Cook a Wolf in Queen Anne. I liked the outdoor space. The drinks were great (and boy is it nice that Seattle restaurant drinks aren’t the ~$20 they are in LA right now). We got the marrow bone, the charred broccoli, and the strozapretti with the summer truffle addition. The marrow on nice thick bread was probably our favorite. The flavors in the charred broccoli were really good; I only wish it were maybe a little more charred/crunchy. The truffles weren’t particularly strong in flavor but the pasta was well cooked. Portion was pretty huge; just those three were more than enough for two of us.

Had breakfast at The Hart and the Hunter. Biscuits were 1000% on point.