Quick stops along major freeways

I often find myself wanting to grab a quick bite on my varied commutes. What are your favorite spots that are right off the freeway?

Two turns and three minutes max! Like it’s gotta be right there off the exit. Ex, Valley/New would be too far from the freeway, especially with the traffic on surface streets in that area.

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What freeways? What stretches? Throw us a bone here! :slight_smile:


Can I make a suggestion? Have a thread for each major freeway and start each entry with the Exit name and city. Makes it easier to look up.


Donut judge


Does “quick bite” mean you’re going to eat in the car?

I don’t know where you drive around, but 405N, exit to Santa Monica Blvd. (you want to be in the left lane on the exit ramp), first left onto Beloit, drive a block or two or three, right turn, and you’re in the middle of Sawtelle’s Little Osaka. Though parking is usually a bitch if you only have three minutes.

Going South on 405, get off on Olympic exit. Right turn onto Sawtelle, half a block before you even get to Olympic, right turn into parking structure. Popcorn chicken is in the building there.


Primos Donuts

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And Daikokuya is there also. Get the chicken kaarage if you need to eat in the car.

405 in Culver City would be Maple Block at Sepulveda by Washington Place. Call ahead and it’s pretty quick.

Edit: northbound, exit at Venice Blvd. Southbound, exit Washington/Venice. They have a parking lot (smallish) plus an alley between the parking lot and the shuttered gas station that is parkable.


Going west on the 134 right before the 170 split exit on Lankershim. Several blocks up on the right is the Balckbottom Cafe, http://blackbottomcafe.com/. Its a takeout only new southern menu. Excellent brisket, greens, and shrimp. Call ahead and it will be ready for you. Further up the 170 exit Oxnard to the original Skaf’s.

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170 Burbank head west

  • el taco llama, tel aviv grill, inthanon thai

170 Sherman head west

  • Pho 999, baklava factory, pa ord

405 - Sepulveda/Victory

  • pho 999, pho so 1, Sam woo
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North on 405 in Long Beach: North on Atlantic Blvd, Dave’s Burgers
405 either direction, West on Carson or south on Avalon: Darrow’s New Orleans Grill
Further north on 405 in Carson: North on Avalon, Deli Counter
405 off Western north: Jidaiya Ramen, Sushi Island, Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori, Kansha Ice Cream all in the same mini mall. Sanuki No Sato just another block up.
405 and Hawthorne north: Saigon dish
405 and El Segundo East: Chubby Rice, maybe a little farther than 3 minutes
10 Freeway and Lincoln Blvd North: Bay Cities Deli.


Mostly OC recommendations
60 Asuza Ave - Earthen
60 Nogales St - Kang Ho Dong and Sun Nong Dan
57 Ball Rd - OC Poultry Mart
57 Katella Ave - Oyster Bar
91 Brookhurst Ave - Zait & Zataar
5 Newport Ave (South Only) - Cream Pan
405 Harbor Blvd - Taco Maria, ARC, Shuck Oyster Bar, Portola Coffee and Puesto (Soco Collection)
405 Bristol St - Santouka Ramen, Pizzeria Ortica and Halal Guys
91 Beach Blvd - Eight Korean BBQ and Portos
55 Chapman Blvd West - Tacos Los Reyes


More or less. If I can get in and out within 15 minutes I’ll take it!