Quick trip to NYC from LA next week

I possibly may need to jet to NYC for a quick trip next week. What’s delicious right now (at any price range)? I think my hosts will be taking me to Eleven Madison Park & Jean-Georges, but give me a few more recs. Thanks in advance!

Contra, Atera, Ko, Gabriel Kreuther, Carbone, Dirty French, The Eddy, JungSik.

Marea is always solid.


Emilio’s Ballatos.

Grays Papaya.

Fucking Lucali.


The Pink Teacup Cafe.


Hill country.

Sushi Nakawai.

And for my perpetual vicarious thrill but Masa.

Mission Chinese.

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marea. sigh.

mlle end
amor y amargo

i think the modern is always solid.

Nish Nush
Ssam Bar
Russ and Daughters (my go to breakfast)

Brooklyn fare
Ichimura at brushstroke
Minetta tavern

I would pick EMP and Per Se if possible. Did Per Se and Jean Georges back to back a couple of month back. As much as I liked Jean Georges, Per Se is a better overall experience.

Rice at Yasuda is still very good but Mori may be even better these days.

Kurumazushi for thick slabs of sashimi of the highest grade fish (sushi rice is nothing great). Prices can easily exceed Urasawa or Masa.

Several new kaiseki places in town that I haven’t had a chance to get to yet.

Second/Third Marea for their uni pasta.

Then switch it up with some more casual Italian like Osteria Morini.

Momofuku Ssam is still very good and worthwhile if you can’t get Ko.


Hows the fucking joint with the chef from Jiro fame ??? Sushi Nakazaki or nakazawa or something like that ???

How about Sugiyama if it’s still up and running ??? Seasonal kaiseki. And has been there for quite some time.

it’s right up your fucking alley.

Adding a few others

Soba Ya
Burcher’s Daughter

Closed. In June if I recall correctly.

Shit. Well that goes that for fucking crying out loud.

Has the chef resurfaced anywhere ???

Btw where would you go for under 16 bucks per ??? NYC cheap fucking eats if you will ???

Thanks man.

How is Motorino these days? I haven’t been there in a while. Worth a visit or no?


Love Shopsins! What a ‘dining experience’ as well as great sandwiches. But if f-bombs both OP may want to stay away. lol.

Also love Babbo and they do lunch now.

Thanks for the thread bump to the (NEW!) New York board!

Oyster bar in grand central is like lex luthors lair but with oysters. East coast well represented. Belons.

Big gay ice cream…supposedly coming to la. Who doesn’t want to eat bea Arthur?

Always like Barney greengrass if on UWS. Great sable and latkes.

I love Grand Central Oyster Bar.

Isn’t Big Gay Ice Cream still going strong at the Upstairs Lounge at the Ace Hotel in L.A.? Or did that close shop?

I was always partial to the sturgeon at Barney Greengrass UWS.

Pretty sure they changed to own soft serve and now maybe done. I thought BGI was going to do a storefront but I don’t see any.

They don’t call him the sturgeon king for nothin!

Oh and I can’t stop myself with the Katz pastrami egg rolls at redfarm downtown. This is what New Yorkers have to do cuz they don’t have oki’s dog.