Quite the Ham

broadbent’s country ham, honey butter, hush puppy

This is a dish that I’ve found pretty addictive at Son of a Gun and wanted to share since my exile from the other site about a year ago…yeah it’s not expensive Spanish or Italian stuff, but for $15 really hits the spot. (Last time I checked a large sub at Jersey Mikes was a dollar and half less.) I’ve been meaning to visit Wally’s and try their Imberico ham thanks to Thor’s recs. Another spot I know that knows ham is Bazaar with at least 3 different grades. Any other thoughts out there?

As an aside, a few doors down, I usually tend to avoid Joan’s on Third due to the lines and somewhat taxing ordering system but found myself there with my kid on a slow weekday morning loving their pancakes, corned beef hash and sticky buns. All three put Dupars (which doesn’t even do the hash any longer) to shame.


have you ever considered buying a whole ham from broadbent and just start shaving it at home?

i did that for one Thanksgiving instead of turkey…

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im considering it now!

I think Hatchet Hall has something similar now too, if you’re too lazy…

never heard of that spot, but sweet webpage!

gotta check it out!

I’m going tonight for dinner. Can’t wait.

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