R-rated Eggnogs?


I ask because around this time of the year, I will get an itch or two to enjoy some eggnog and I figure if I’m going to give my lactose intolerance issue the middle finger I might as well make it the adult beverage variety.

So any recs out there?

I’ve tried Hinoki and the Bird in the past, as well as Sotto. But would welcome new options.

Honestly? I just add a healthy amount of Jack Daniels to a glass of Broguire’s.


I’d like to fucking know too. Would a grown up version be an a brandy milk punch ???,

Replying to myself.

A list from Eater.

Lock & Key Social Drinkery in Downey has it available…but you should call ahead and ask. It’s a special, and not available every day.

i endorse Terrine’s. a lot.

Bestia’s bone marrow egg nog wins this list I think. Incredibly complex and layers, savory, a little smokey even, yet sweet, viscous, alcoholic, absolutely splendid.