Ragtop Ferns BBQ

They have quite the buzz these past few months which started with a Eater article.
Hours are 12-1400, Saturdays and Sundays only. It’s best to come at Noon. It will likely run out before 1400. Location is on 1st and Westmoreland, in front of a apartment building on a quiet street.

The Smoker

The Pork Ribs.
Not as tender as I would like it, and not much smoke. The sauce is on the sweet side, I prefer the “mixed” sauce you get at South Central BBQ joints. If this is how the pork ribs are normally I would probably pass on them.

The bark/crust has so much flavor, very tasty. Salt, pepper, and onion. The fat flavored the meat and kept it juicy. A little smoke flavor. Would probably like it a little more tender. Also enjoyed the silver skin. This was a win for me.

The Pork Belly. Wow. This was the best cut today. Try some slices without the sauce.
Really good. A must get.

Would return. Ragtop also does unique cuts like beef cheeks when available. I got a feeling this is where they can excel or what makes them unique as evident with that pork belly.


hit up ragtop a few months ago, I enjoyed it…like you said the huge beef rib was really good.
I want to try their brisket still but he doesn’t do it that often, also his verde sausages.
Not bad for the price if you are down to make the trek out that way.

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