Raise your hand if you are a Bolani Gandana expert

I am not.

But I had a fantastic bolani gandana at Ariana Cuisine in Mira Mesa.

What is a bolani gandana, you ask?

Well, aside from what Wiki tells you, the best I can describe it is that it is a cross between a vegetarian empanada and a Chinese chive cake/pancake.

Here, at Ariana, its made with noni (an Afghan flatbread I later learned) and stuffed with generous amounts of spicy chives, green onions and spices I am not at liberty to say.

Good eating.

Ariana Cuisine
Mira Mesa

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Sounds interesting and not far for me. Thanks very much!

Finally made it to this small market. Sharma was good but the Bolani ghandana Was really interesting and well worth the trip. Texture and appearance was similar to Chinese scallion pancake as ipsedixit already said but the taste was totally different. Great afghani market with food in back. By the way, I got the impression that it’s best to preorder the Bolani as it took awhile and the owner seemed a bit put out (in a nice way though) when I ordered it on the spot. By the way it’s huge. Happy eating and thanks to ipsedixit for a terrific recommendation.

If you like Bolani you should try Ariana Kebob House also in Mira Mesa (no idea if both places are associated).