Raku has a new omakase menu

Who will be the first??



Going next week, I’m sure someone else here will be there before.

Let’s be honest it’s probably going to be @Chowseeker1999

I would bet on @PorkyBelly

PorkyBelly/MoonBoy already went to the preview. Expect pictures up in the AM.

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I’m going to Raku Las Vegas next Monday. :rofl:

It doesn’t seem like they have this menu there.

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Thanks @tailbacku. Yah we tried it a while back, not in its entirety listed here, but most of the courses. (FYI, many of the courses were derived from specials board, or little bites already served previously.)

Not all that’s new is worthy of a rush visit.

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Hmmm only one kind of sashimi. What kind of flounder? I would prefer a sampler of their seasonal special fish.

6 kinds of small dishes: I wonder if it is the small bites from the lunch jewel bento box? Great if you order sake to go with it, otherwise it could be a mix of salty, light flavors, and heavy.

Nori seaweed soup? I hope it’s konbu dashi [crab tofu should be with katsuo dashi], and not the Korean version (which is good at a KBBQ place, but this is not the right venue).

There is nothing on there that screams seasonality or a reflection of spring ingredients, unlike at Mori or Shunji.

If I were a social media KOL influencer type and scan this like a resume reader, I’d get Food Tinder matches for wagyu, uni (sea urchin) x2, salmon roe… :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope I’m wrong, and I’m sure the food is tasty to an extent…but this doesn’t sound too exciting on paper if I’m looking for a variety (especially to pair with sake or wine).

Doesn’t look too exciting either. No robata dishes? tiny sashimi. I’d rather order alc.



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Robata OOE is the way to go

As of this past Saturday, the Vegas one had a 75 and 100 dollar omakase, but not this 140 one

They have it, would recommend skipping.

A la carte at Raku is where it’s at.


Yah what @PorkyBelly said. Having spoken with some of the staff, it’s not a daily or weekly super-curated, custom crafted true omakase like what we might have at Mori, Shunji or Hayato, etc. It’s just a way for folks who don’t know as much about the full Raku menu and might be intimidated by the full menu and specials board to get an enjoyable experience without thinking.

A la carte is definitely better.

Vegas has always had those options. I remember seeing it on their online menu when I was stalking them before I went for the first time last year.

They’re pandering to the lame customers who wouldn’t order the tendon or intestine.

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Don’t do it, omakase sucks there. I don’t know if it was cause I was in a big party or it was just an off night (the one and only time I did it). Just came to realize a third of what I normally order is no longer available at the LA location.

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Downhill alert?

No, this was the Vegas location about 5 years ago. Every visit after I did ALC and it was great.