Ramen hood?

has anyone happened to try the fucking joint just yet ???

it’s another one in the GCM]

vegan ramen if you can fucking believe it.

From today’s LA Times…

Amy Scattergood / Los Angeles Times

You first.

the problem is: Scattergood’s photography is getting a lil TOO good.


I tried and found it passable. I’ve only had real ramen at a few places in Tokyo, but those experiences blew away the ramen at Ramen Hood. Unfair comparison? I suppose. But the ramen at Ramen Hood didn’t have much going for it. It wasn’t particularly flavorful. The noodles didn’t have much texture. The egg was silly.

I will say, however, that the overall quality of the ramen was good. The ingredients tasted fresh; the presentation was nice. It was a legit effort. And I was more impressed by another menu item (beet salad with a cashew cream paste and crushed pistachios).