Ramen in Costa Mesa

I’ve tried going to Kitakaka on 3 different occasions and every time the stupid parking lot is full. There is always a 10+ person line and street parking is far and hard to find. That parking lot seriously sucks.

But within a very short distance is Ramen Zetton and Santouka inside Mitsuwa. I had the special pork miso at Santouka and it was as good as always. Special pork was tender and porky. Excellent broth. I love that spicy quesadilla at Zetton more than the ramen.

Look at this damn bowl of ramen from Kitakaka. 15 pieces of chasu. 15. My friend says their spicy black garlic chili oil is fantastic. Stupid strip mall parking lots.

Side note - the line at Halal Guys was very short the two times I passed by. Less than 15 people and not even reaching Noodle Bar. I think it’s safe for normal people to start trying to eat there during weekday lunch.


I love Kitakata. I try to get there by 11-11:30 to avoid parking hassles and waiting.

Thanks for the intel on Halal Guys!

Yep, Kitakata is probably my favorite ramen these days. The chasu is consistently excellent and so is the egg. I agree with Steve, if you’re not there by 1130 the wait is absurd. Not to mention you won’t find any parking.

I’ll have to go very early or after the rush. I need to have 15 pieces of pork in my ramen now that red meat causes cancer.

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pork broth right

my friends like chicken broths if possible

but then again that’s like pizza without cheese

Yes, pork broth.

Zetton has great chicken broth ramen.

We had luck for an early dinner. However, I preferred Hakata Ikkousha. The house made noodles at Kitakaka just aren’t up to par IMHO. Also they have CRAZY good Karage.