Ramen with Curly, Alkaline Noodles?

Most places serve ramen with straight regular wheat noodles. I’m looking for the curly, bright yellow noodles. Any suggestions?

Raizel Ramen, Palmdale


Search Yelp for chijire ramen.

I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly eaten at a ramen joint that didn’t serve alkalized noodles.

Curly ones are harder to come by, but I would rest easy about getting alkalized noodles.

Some are yellower and have a different chew. I really like them.

Just to get a gauge, how do you feel about Tsujita’s noodles? Or Santouka’s?

I’m also wondering if a) you’d be happy with tsukemen noodles in your ramen and b) if Tsujita would allow that sub. I think their tsukemen noodles might work for you.

Tsujita (the OG one) definitely lets you use the tsukemen noodles in the tonkotsu ramen these days.

I think Kitakata Ramen in Costa Mesa would fit the bill too. Was delicious!


I need to try Kitakata soon.

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Bangaichi Ramen. Locations in Silver Lake and Culver City.

Thank you for the suggestions! Some are a bit out of my range, but I am definitely going to try EAK. I love Daikokuya’s noodles, and so far I’m happy with Bangaichi, but haven’t noticed the noodles to be particularly alkaline. I’ll use @robert’s suggestion and ask for chijire noodles.

@NYCtoLA, I find the broth at Tsujita too rich. I haven’t tried the tsukemen, but I think I’ll give it a try, thanks!

Also, have you tried asking for less cooked noodles? It’s not the same thing as what you’re asking for, but it might make a positive difference.

Took one for the team and got “proof” for the tonkotsu bowl with tsukemen noodles at Tsujita :slight_smile:


You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.

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Tsujita Tsukimen are curly and quite yellow.