Re-Introduction + Gratitude

Just joined and wanted to express gratitude to the FTC mods and creators. Used to post on CH eons ago before the little hounds appeared. Hosted a Rice Table at the IndoCafe in Palms for anyone ancient. Looking forward to further exploration of little hole-in-the-wall restaurants.



Delighted you found us and decided to join.

Welcome from a fellow ancient. I remember reading about the rice table. Indo Cafe was a great favorite of mine and it was sad to see it go downhill (after David and Angela sold it) and finally close.

are you the famous Pleasure Palate lady?
you also took us to Mumbai K Galliyon Se?

Not a gal at all.

It was a great time. They had 20+ dishes and we got in an hour before scheduled opening so we had the place to ourselves,

Thank you

I think you may be talking about Abbie (or Abby) (sp)?? I remember going to a karaoke event she hosted and that was fun…I think I also went to one of her dim sum things. Very nice person.