Recent meat purchase from Harvey's Guss?

Has anybody been lately? Just want to make sure its still great. I’m planning on buying a couple dry aged prime 2 inch thick bone in rib eyes for Fathers Day

Their website is hacked so relying on Yelp info but it looks like hours are Tues-Fri 7am to noon. There is pricing on Yelp from last year and for this quality of meat it’s an absolute steal.

I was there in December, still as good. Nothing has changed. Place your order day before intended pickup.

Thanks Sgee. Wanted to make sure before I make the trek and spend all that dough.

Can someone explain to me why it’s better than say Marconda’s?

Never had Marconda’s but looks like they have prime and dry aged so probably not that dissimilar. I think the prime dry aged bone in rib eye is $26/lb at Harvey Guss. Any idea what Marconda’s sells a similar cut for?

I like Marconda’s they have a good team, will do special orders and dry age ect. Harvey’s Guss Meat co is pretty much the oldest of old school butchers in L.A. He sell to a small group of good restaurants and is about to retire any minute now, fantastic at custom orders (give him a few days, if you want to talk to him call as early as possible.) He can be a bit short and grumpy if you dont know what you want but he doesn’t mark up very much at all from what he charges wholesale so usually it works out.

thanks to this thread, I made a trip to the farmer’s market to pick up some meat. I gotta say, I far prefer Huntington Meats over Marconda’s in the market. Their selection was far larger and the 50 day dry aged prime rib eye that I picked up for $28/lb was maybe the best steak I’ve ever had. Picked up a wagyu NY steak from Marconda as well, which was also really good but everyone preferred the rib eye. Marconda’s didn’t even have any dry aged ribeyes.

Huntington also seems to have a much larger selection of house made sausages.

btw, Costco prime rib eye is now $19.99/lb. That’s the highest I’ve ever seen it. As a comparison, both Marconda’s and Huntington charges $17.99/lb for prime ribeye.

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That sounds pretty great. I got a few prime bone in dry aged rib eyes for $30/lb at Harvey Guss. I unfortunately forgot to ask how many days but it was an awesome steak. My old conservative Korean parents and in-laws didn’t want to say how good the steak wss bc they thought it was too expensive. But they absolutely devoured the steak and stole the bones. They also complained about the lack of bones and wanted more. For comparison the same type of steak at Vaca in OC was going for $55/lb and I’m not 100% sure it was prime.

Would highly recommend Harvey Guss to everybody. Call early in the morning. Wish they were open layer and on the weekends but worth the extra effort.


My favorite place, blows most places out the window! Oh yeah, and get some bacon! DELISH.

Bacon at Harvey Guss or Huntington Meats?

Harvey Guss.

Still great as of February.

Guss’s provides meat for hotels restaurants around town (including Chi Spacca last time I inquired). His aged steaks and roasts have a wonderful, rich finish and his prices are extremely fair. He’s a skilled butcher: You can tell him you’re grilling a Fiorentina and he’ll know exactly what to do.

Check him out if you haven’t gone yet. He’s another one of those L.A. treasures that won’t be around forever.

Important: Call first, place your order. Pick up the next day. I think he only takes checks/cash, no credit cards.

Mark Peel and Roy Choi visit Harvey’s Guss

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It is settled. Marconda beats Huntingtons on every count aside from sausages.

Just made burgers out of their 4 cut gourmet mix and it’s better than the Nancy Silverton blend from Hunt… lamb is way better always too


Huntingtons seems to get all the love but Marconda’s is my favorite as well. I usually get steak or lamb but I’ve never had the ground beef - usually I am a fan of Nancy’s blend maybe I’ll try it.

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+1 on their lamb. I’ve purchased their leg of lamb in the past (very good) and recently got some really nice lamb chops from them (cut on the thick side and delicious). I’m going to head over there when the weather cools down a bit to get some lamb shanks to braise (one of my favorite winter dishes).

I think that’s because Huntington’s has a more accessible/prominent/brighter location. Marconda’s is tucked away towards the dark back corner of the Market. I think many people forget about that area of merchants (especially if they’re walking over from the Grove).

I’ve been getting their ground lamb and it’s superb… apparently this is american stuff and i like it more than NZ

stuffed some veg with it last time


I tried their Bratwurst the other day (I was picking up lamb shanks and thought I’d have some sausages for a quick lunch), and I will agree w/ you on the sausages—not as good as Huntington.

I also picked up a small meatloaf—I will also say Huntington’s meatloaf mix is better (if one wants to buy a pre-made meatloaf blend from a butcher). Lou’s meatloaf mix had their pork breakfast sausage blend mixed in w/ the beef and fillers instead of just ground pork. I didn’t realize this until I got home and looked at the printed sheet they supplied w/ cooking instructions and ingredients. It was still yummy, but did have a secondary flavor of sage and whatever else was in the breakfast sausage blend. I would have preferred just beef/pork or beef/pork/veal.

The lamb shanks are now braising for tonight and looked and smelled great while browning them. I think I’m going to hog the marrow and spread it on crackers or toast after I pull the meat off the bone and shread it. (cooks get the treats :laughing:)


Just go to Standing’s Butchery.

too bad
the two times I got steaks from here they were great

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