Recommendation request west la

Going to party in Santa Monica and looking for earlyish casual dinner w some kind of mild simply prepared fish for my wife and perhaps something more adventurous for me … But I’m less important. Was thinking of somewhere on or near sawtelle so we could get ice cream or shaved ice but open minded. Could be ethnic incl Asian just needs to be sort of mild for her.

Thanks f’kers.

Nook on Santa Monica Blvd. somewhat west of Sawtelle has been around for a long time and sort of sounds like what you’re looking for. Probably need reservations.

Or for something different–with the hot weather, I have been making special trips to Kula Sushi–which apparently is a big chain of revolving sushi bars in Japan and has an outpost on Sawtelle right across the street from Brian’s shaved ice in the 2-story minimall on the ground floor. The fish is very fresh–there are some dishes like baked salmon collar which could satisfy your wife. It’s a great deal too–$2.25 per order (usually 2 pieces). There is sometimes a line but usually not much of a wait–and then dessert is across the street.

Thanks. I’ll check out nook. I like Kula. Wife pregnant so no raw fish. Usually we do sushi ie shunji.

Any other spot on sawtelle do good cooked fish

Wadatsumi on pico?

i would absolutely NOT order the fish at Nook.


fwiw, if i were pregnant, with the heightened olfactory sense that often comes with pregnancy, i would not even SIT near someone who orders the fish at Nook.

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Westside-hook me up here if u know anything good and casual

kula’s supply of salmon collars and yellowtail collars is very limited.

in my experience you have less than a 50/50 shot of getting either at any one visit.

That’s not ideal anyways. Bone and skin and that kind of work not for my girl right now. Needs to be filet or pieces no bones.

sadly, i can’t think of any place that makes good, mild, cooked fish in a casual environment on the west side.


my best guess is that the best source for this info would be someone who is familiar with brentwood restaurants (which isn’t me).

not causal, but normally very good, is The Lobster.
plus they have valet parking.

Thanks for the thoughts and that. We love the lobster just need to be faster tonite. Maybe a good chicken teriyaki place? Pregnancy can lead to specific cravings. For her mild fish teriyaki bagels and ice cream. Press repeat.

Hillstone offers three fish entrees.

i have never tried them, but normally the Hillstone offerings are solid enough.
also, Hillstone is very flexible about modifications.

Butcher’s Dog (in the Olympic Collection) has pan-roasted salmon on the menu. I have not been myself, so I can’t vouch for the quality. It was opened by the same people behind Waterloo and City, which is promising.

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Thanks Westside and garliclicker

Not sure where the party is, but there are three great places on Montana: Ox and Son, Forma, and Art’s Table. All three are casual, all will have good grilled entrees for you and your wife. I also love Courtyard Kitchen

No Asian that I can think of, except maybe on Sawtelle, but it will be sooo crowded there and no one takes reservations.


Rustic Canyon or Darya might work. Maybe Maison Giraud if it’s close enough. If Westwood is OK, Shaherzad or Shekarchi might be good choices.

Or just go to Kiriko and tell them to take care of you. Their cooked fish is outstanding.

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Musha perhaps?

They have a grilled salmon on the menu that might work for your wife. And, of course, for you you can indulge in all sorts of goodies like Tanshino, Scallop Shumai, or even Butakim.

Cassia seems to be what you’re looking for.

Grilled sea bass for her.

Beef rendang or spicy lamb breast for you.

Kiriko. Ok fish and great fucking bitter green tea ice cream.

Or incomparuble white truffle ice cream in season, natch.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.

Three choices near Sawtelle Japantown come to mind (hope I’m not too late with this reply):

  1. Il Grano has branzino for your better half, and great crudo for you, JJ. And fantastic Italian for all three(!) of you.

  2. Kiriko (as kev suggested): Miso cod for her, and scads of great sushi for you.

  3. Morinoya: Grilled Shisyamo has tons of great omega fat for developing baby JJ’s IQ, and interesting aburiya cuisine for you.

F’kers, thanks for all the love. Some great spots I need to try incl musha and cassia on horizon. We left early and hell im now home full of tequila and my girls are asleep. Ken-san and his team at Kiriko are so hospitable and accommodating and a miso cod and big plate of tempura onion rings for my better half…and of course I got in on that action…and a jointly directed-kase for big daddy with scallops, toro, smoked salmon/caviar, tamogayaki (Kevin) and other victuals (jl). Shaved ice next door then on to a party in ocean park (cool neighborhood never been to before) whipped some corporate lawyer type ass in beer pong … Baby sitter cashed out. Kid sleeping. Pregnant wife sleeping. Time for a nite cap with my dogs and maybe some rain and nfl in the morning. Word.