Recommendations for an anniversary dinner party location?

My folks are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in May and I’d like to help throw them a small dinner party. What would be ideal is a Chinese restaurant with a private room that can seat upwards 30-40 people (maybe more but we’re still figuring that out).

In terms of the meal quality, something in the ballpark of Lunasia or Elite would do the trick. I think Elite might have private rooms so I’ll look into that.

Thanks in advance!

Sea Harbour or Bistro Na

I don’t know of any restaurants with private rooms that can seat up to 40 people, but generally restaurants will just cordon off a section with a “Chinese Wall” or some sort of divider.


Longo seafood has pretty big private rooms.

NBC Seafood and Sea Harbour will have the large sized private rooms you seek. Elite has an enclosed atrium with about 3 to 4 big tables that can be used as a private room.