Recommendations for Sydney Lunch

Second time back as a 2 day layover on the way to NZ and need a lunch spot.

For dinner I have Quay and Bennelong.
Lunch I’m thinking Monopole again which was awesome but I am open to suggestions.
The other lunch with be at Sydney fish market where you pick your love seafood and they cook it any of 9 different Cantonese styles. Owner told me 20 years ago wanted to go to SF but changed to Sydney after a big earthquake.

Last time we took down this bad boy. A monster 7+lb “king crab”. The owner told me they were successful in changing the name from spanner crab to King crab because all the Asian tourists wanted “King crab”. Great marketing but also very confusing.

We picked XO style with noodles and then got a side of yabbies salt and pepper style. One of my favorite meals anywhere.


Haven’t been in a couple of years but I love Sean’s Panaroma at Bondi Beach…

It’s about a 30+ minute drive but a lovely place, since its high season and a gorgeous beach to swim in afterwards.
In the Rocks, really enjoy Lord Nelson’s Pub.
Sailor Thai and touristy Doyle’s are decent…no flames! :yum:

Quay is wonderful and have a pint or two at the oldest pub in the Rocks in Sydney, Fortune of War on George street…love!