Recommended review sites for Europe?

Is there a review site that you like for Europe? I see Trip Advisor, Yelp etc. but wondering if there’s a blog or other site that you feel gives ‘better’ info. TIA.

I think it varies from country to country.

In Rome I found some Italian-language site that seemed to be more popular among locals than Yelp. That site kept coming up in Google results when I was looking for information on particular restaurants.

I’ve seen some Italian-language ones also. While I might struggle through with Spanish or Portuguese, I’m illiterate in Italy. What I know for sure is that we won’t starve :slight_smile: (Any tips for studying a menu and figuring out if we want to eat there?) TIA

In Italy, if it’s full of locals, it’s good.

You don’t need to be fluent in a language to get useful info from a restaurant review site, especially if you know some of the dish names.

I totally agree with you. Get off the ‘main drag.’ And those places may not have been reviewed anyway.

I used the food glossary from Fred Plotkins paperback
I removed all of those pages and stapled them together. Rather than lugging around the whole book.That made reading menus much easier. Or now you could probably use a smart phone.

This one?

I’ve owned the book “1000 places to visit before you die” or some such and for the first time cut out the pages for Tuscany. Horrors! And intend to do it for future trips.


I think it was that one. I bought it used on Amazon knowing I would be tearing it apart.