Recs for a casual dinner tomorrow (westside)

Hello. Meeting a good friend for dinner tomorrow. She works at UCLA, lives in Culver City, and is vegetarian. She would prefer to NOT eat anywhere where UCLA. Neither of us drink.

Any ideas for a casual-ish dinner w/ outdoor seating (and an environment where we can easily hear each other) from West LA to Culver City? I’m feeling kind of uninventive right now…


pasta sisters



Hatchet hall has some very good veggie dishes along with their cornbread

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Margot at Platform LA
Eataly Century City has 2 options: La Pasta & La Pizza, as well as Terra

+1 Hatchet Hall, we were just there tonight and they have a great outdoor setup and lots of space between tables so it’s still pretty quiet despite being quite busy. Terra is good, but not sure if the vegetable menu is extensive enough. You’ll also want a reservation as it is really popular even on a weeknight.

Possibly newbie Etta near Platform in addition to Margot. Roberta’s at Platform has a nice outdoor area and good vegetables.

If you don’t mind going a bit out of the way between UCLA/Culver: Birdie G’s has an excellent extended outdoor setup and Jeremy Fox is a master of vegetables.

Thank you, all, for the recs! Sent them to friend, and she is choosing Pasta Sisters.

Will def keep these other recs for date night w/ partner b/c they look great. :slight_smile: Of all the ones listed, I’ve only been to Gjusta and Lunetta (but the latter was only for breakfast).


Please report back! Haven’t heard much from Pasta Sisters on here recently.

I’m too late but I would have said Sage.

It’s never too late on FTC. :slight_smile: I can always use more recs for the future, and who knows who might be lurking…

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Colapasta for the future.

Ohmigod, the line is huge again (and it’s not even a Friday!). Same ?daughter is present at the “cash register,” training new staff. The place was bustling inside (but only outdoor seating available).

I had the bottarga; friend had the veggie lasagna (spinach and ricotta, a special item). I didn’t have any of hers b/c she couldn’t eat mine. She often doesn’t finish an entree, but she ate the entire thing (!). And said she it was tasty.

Bottarga was good. Couldn’t get a good sense of the pasta since it cooled off quickly, but the sauce was as good as ever, and the pasta itself was certainly at least not a distraction (seemed nicely at dente to me). When I looked around at the other tables, none of the dish seemed any different-looking.

Lots of tarts available (nutella, apricot, lemon cream, and a chocolate one, I think).

The place seems pretty much unchanged, which is actually quite reassuring, given, well, the world.