Recs for family dinner in downtown (Mexican food)

Hoping that this is an easy one: We are having a family get together in downtown SD (my fiancee’s parents will be meeting mine). Both moms love Mexican food.

Looking for a nice middle ground of not too casual but not high end. Food can be on modern side as long as it is solid. Festive atmosphere a plus.

Two recommendations I got so far are Puesto and King & Queen Cantina. Am skeptical about the latter given that they have Japanese fusion there too…

Puesto at the Headquarters is a solid choice. I haven’t been to King & Queen Cantina so I can’t comment on that one.

To your list I would add Lola 55 at 12th & F. Lolita’s close to Petco is more in the fast casual vein but is pretty well loved in SD. Also Blind Burro, it tends to be uneven but when it’s firing on all pistons it can be really good. If you want to go old school hole in the wall try Valentines. Do not even consider Pokez. Haven’t been to La Puerta in quite a while but it’s a good tequila bar that has had decent food. And finally, if you don’t exactly need to be downtown, you might want to consider Barrio Star at 5th and Nutmeg by Balboa Park

Lola 55 (see also DD’s rec)
Coasterra (not downtown but not far)
El Jardin (Liberty station but not far)
Casa Guadalajara (old town, food is okay but fun place)

Puesto is your choice here.

Don’t waste time with other choices.

Puesto has (1) easy convenient (paid) parking; (2) good for groups; (3) not too loud or quiet; (4) good familiar food executed competently and (5) family won’t be surrounded by Gaslamp douchebags.

Agree with the others about Puesto.

Thanks all!