Rec's for pre-Fonda Theater dinner

I’m never in Hollywood, thinking Thai. Friends will want drinks, though. Wood and Vine is my go-to pre concert at the Fonda or Palladium, but looking for other ideas. Budget not an issue, just in need of a full bar.

Black Rabbit Rose/Crying Tiger would seem to be your dream place given the requirements of Hollywood/Thai/Full Bar, and it’s excellent even without those requirements.


Thank you, but given that we’re going to a show, don’t want a show before the show. Everything I’ve read talks about a magic and variety show, both turn me off.

How about either Gwen (either for the pre=theatre tasting or the bar menu) or the brand new Hearth & Hound?

The shows are entirely separate from the bar and restaurant. Like, literally in a separate part of the building. The first few times I went, I had no idea there were shows there.

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Oh wow, forgot about Hearth & Hound’s opening. That’s the spot for us, perfect. I have friends coming in from Utah for this show (Thom Yorke) and I can’t convince them to get Thai. Funny, though, that they loved the idea of the magic show :roll_eyes:

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not so fast - can’t get a reservation. Other ideas?

Musso & Franks
Hungry Cat
Salt’s Cure

Kruang Tedd

Probably the ONLY place in the Greater LA area that you can get Khao Mok Gai/“Buried Chicken”/Thai Biryani. Make sure to ask nicely for more green sauce. I am kinda pimping this place out here because I believe more of you guys should try this.


Looks great, but need a full bar. We might give Black Rabbit a try (or else it’s old faithful, Wood and Vine).

How about Hungry Cat? Or perhaps Paley?

But, really, if price is not an issue, why not Providence?

I think you’d like Black Rabbit a lot more than you suspect lol

But Kruang Tedd has bottles of sake to go with the awesome buried chicken (they make a strangely addictive khao soi as well). Not really the baller stuff everyone here drinks, but it’ll do in a pinch!

How long does a meal at Providence last? I would think too long to work for a pre-show dinner?

Why not Kali right near there if Providence is in geographic range?

Or martini/drinks at Mussos and food at Crying Tiger. That Baby Squid in Ink, Phuket style is one of my favorite dishes I had this year, IMO one of Fern and Pla’s best dishes.

off topic slightly, but the magic show is a lot of fun. I went for a friend’s birthday a couple months ago. Some of the group had dinner beforehand and really enjoyed it.

Providence is a terrible idea. We’re looking for drinks and easy dinner before a concert (in sneakers and jeans) at the Fonda. Also, time is an issue.

Providence is an evening of its own. And dressy.

When I used to attend shows or musical events in NY, many restaurants had a pre-show seating, so one could have a good meal, but in a timely manner. Downtown LA restaurants should consider that concept, especially for popular events.

DTLA restaurants near Disney Hall and Ahmanson do this.

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Payley is okay, if overpriced. It’s a very cool space, and it’s owned by Japanese. It’s not Japanese food, per se, but there are many Japanese influences. And they have an interesting bar with Japanese beers and whiskeys.

Also consider Cleo. Or If you’re by the Palladium, Farida has some interesting things on the menu, and booze. But their booze selection is, shall we say, eclectic. Petit Trois is also fun, but not right in the area.

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We’ve done Cleo a couple times pre-show at the Pantages. They are really good at making sure you are done on time to make your show. Just let them know when you reserve your table that you need to catch the X:XX time show and then again when you see your server.

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