Recs for stiff drinks and a hotel nearby

There’s more to it .

  1. Between SM and L beach .
  2. Don’t care about breakfast . strong coffee and a pastry
    3 ) Walk to beach from hotel . 5 - 10 min . I like the beach in the morning
    4 ) lunch . I’ll be checking out Sergio in LB
  3. Dinner . I don’t give a shit . Something nearby
    6 ) Most important : A bar like the old King Eddy . Stiff fucking drinks , no assholes with their phone in their face . No rap, or ghetto white shit for music . People who like to drink . Where I can drink from 6pm-2am and walk back to the hotel .
    I’ll be there in a month with car . Nice hotel would be great . Otherwise no big deal .

Manhattan Beach:
The Shade Hotel is very nice.

Drinks at Ercolés, a dive bar.és-manhattan-beach-3?utm_source=ishare

Dinner at Manhattan Beach Post, or Fishing with Dynamite if you prefer seafood.

Coffee at Two Guns Espresso Cafe. They have pastries as well.

All of these places, and the beach, are within walking distance of each other.


Sounds like a winner chez . I’m down with that . Thanks

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Ercoles is pretty fucking divey for manhattan beach.

maybe also hit up Hudson House nearby ???

And of course no visit is complete without a visit to Naja’s, and it’s varietals of beers.

Agree with everything mentioned just add Love & Salt (MORTADELLA “HOT DOG”
pickled vegetable relish, house mustard in photo), Petros and Arthur J’s to the list (and Uncle Bill’s Pancakes for breakfast) all in Manhattan Beach…


I love Naja’s, and Hudson House is great, but those two are in Redondo Beach and not walking distance from the hotel.

my bad. carry on as you were.

and that’s my fucking bad.

Oh yes, Love & Salt. Completely forgot about that place. What are your thoughts on Arthur J? I’m planning on going there for my birthday in November, but was curious to hear what others think of it. It sure is nice to finally have a couple of non-chain steakhouses in the South Bay, since we have Steak & Whisky now also.

I like Arthur J’s, great vibe but on the expensive side. Much much better than most of the steak house chains.

Gorgeous shot.