Recs for Woodland Hills & Vicinity

Dog-sitting for a friend in Woodland Hills for a week. Where should I eat?

I’m not big on Indian but literally anything else is up for grabs.

Brothers Sushi comes to mind.


+1 Brothers Sushi.

There’s a Lodge Bread on Ventura Blvd, just west of DeSoto.

Personally I like the salads at Stonefire Grill. Range in size from small to humongous. They paired down the menu during Covid but the salads are crave-worthy. Pizza sucks. Tri tip is tasty. ((Cough)) and breadsticks :slight_smile:

Cavarettas Italian Deli is pretty decent for sandwiches.

Go get beer at the White Harte

A serviceable bagel place is in WH. Old New York Bagel & Deli. Can’t speak to anything but the bagels.

Gasolina Cafe, for Spanish food.
I have not been, but someone on this board has (can’t remember who but you can do a search) and it has a pretty good reputation.

Tomato Pie Joint recently opened up on Topanga south of the boulevard.

Blinkies Donuts is a local favorite.
Eater has them as a top donut shop in LA. They’re on KTLA all the time. I do like their Apple fritters, though they sell out quickly. Right near Tomato Pie.

New York Chicken & Gyro has been recommended several times by our friend @Ns1 .

You could drive over to Brent’s Deli in Northridge. One of the best deli’s in LA Area.

There’s all kinds of stuff at the Villages, but I haven’t eaten at any of them.

Racking my brain here…


Tel Aviv Grill opened up in Woodland Hills. Where Valley Circle becomes Mulholland, (just south of the 101 in that big shopping center that has a Bristol Farms. Just know that they will be closed on Fri & Sat.

Come to think of it, there’s also a Boiling Crab in that same shopping center.


Recommend Tavern Tomoko,