Red relish recipe Apple Pan

Is it just ketchup and relish?

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Bobs big boy had it too. I think it’s just tomatoes and red peppers cooked down with vinegar and sugar + the other relish ingredients


Here is an example


wow. That is way more in it than I thought. I’m going to put it on these burgers


Looks like a good version of a white castle burger! I think that will be great.

You could probably simplify some of that cooking process. Don’t see why you have to let it rest overnight then add the veg. Then cook it again Just soak the mustard seeds with the veg so they rehydrate a bit.

Now i want to try and make some red relish!

I love these simple ingredient mixtures that turn the world around .

Here is my version, i modified the recipe to suit my taste. Very happy how the relish came out


That looks amazing! The burger too.

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Thank you!

The bun, ground beef (grass fed) & cheddar are all from Trader joes! Most of the veg for the relish are from the SMFM

That is a fine looking burger aaqjr