Redbird report

Alliteration unintended

To put this restaurant in a nutshell: It is a typical borderline-one-Michelin-star restaurant. I would not give it the star.

I started off with shishito peppers. What a sucker selection. I ordered these peppers because I was intrigued by the fact that they had bottarga on them. But the reality is I couldn’t taste the bottarga; I only tasted the strong shishito peppers. There are a gazillion places serving shishito peppers that are on par with those at Redbird. It’s like putting edamame on the menu. I was also a little annoyed by the two ceviches on the menu. So clichéd.

I also had mussels in a thin tom-yum like broth. These were good. The mussels were plump and flavorful. The broth was light and aromatic.

I also had the duck breast with wild rice. This was easily the best dish. The duck was skillfully prepared. The skin was beautifully browned. The flesh had deep flavor, The wild rice had exciting, spicy seasoning. Michelin star quality here.

The worst dish was dessert of black walnut cake. To be blunt, this was terrible. The cake was dry and tasted grainy. It had no redeeming quality, It was accompanied by a bitter beer “gelée,” which just tasted bitter and yucky. To be fair, the cake was also accompanied by an interesting and tasty ice cream flavored by Humboldt Fog cheese (a mild American goat cheese with floral characteristics).

I was annoyed by the wines by the glass I got suckered into drinking: A thin, overly tart Slovenian red wine and a dumb Sauternes. The wine list did not strike me as well curated.

The space was lovely. I’d go back for sure.

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Indeed, that aged duck is one of the best duck preps in the city it feels like, but almost everything else seems to fall short.

Is the “I would go back” intended in a sardonic fashion?..

You missed some of the best dishes.

The posole has legit flavors and seasoning.

The goat gemelli is also excellent.

Love that chicken pot pie with chicken hearts. You could have just that and be full at $14.

If you’re in a large enough group the veal Fraser or red waddle pork are also very good.

I love the wine list because they have wines wth age at reasonble prices. We’re talking 96 and 90 grand cru chablis. They had aged Roumier Bonnes Mares at less than retail. You can’t even find wines with age at reasonable prices at Providence. The somm and wine service are as good as the best in LA.

The dessert to get is the chocolate bar. Like the fanciest best kit kat bar you’ve ever had. That dessert is as good and refined as anything I’ve had in a 2 or 3 star restaurant.

I’d give it a solid 1 star by Europe standards and pushing 1-2 by US standards. The room is perhaps my favorite dining room in the city.

I’ve already been 4 times this past year. My 5th is coming up next week.


Is the wild boar any good?

I agree about the posole with that ridiculous cube of fatty pork belly. Goat gemlli is also tasty, even if not the best pasta ever necessarily. I also suspect you are correct about their wine list, as I’ve always had an immense amount of fun drinking there, more so than many other places. It actually feels like a better spot to drink than eat. But then again I don’t follow wine that intensely. But not enough places have solid stuff from Croatia on their menus for me haha

Red bird pretty much fucking sux. Next question and nuff said.

Disagreeing with you on this one, kev…

No, I liked the place and would go back. I feel like I did a poor job ordering. The duck was excellent. And the cocktails were good, especially the one with cognac, calvados, and spices. On the wines, I made the mistake of just going with the bartender’s recommendation. They had some good wines by the glass on the menu, as I recall.

Also, when I spend $200 plus on a meal, high quality is expected, and my review takes that into account.

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Been to Redbird about 5 times.

Nothing bad to say at all…service, food, wine, and atmosphere were all top notch. The spit roasted lamb belly is ridiculously good.

Wtf?? You spent $100++ on just the fucking two glasses of wine?? Yeah, I can see where that would seriously piss you off if you didn’t even enjoy it, holy shit.

No. I had two glasses of wine, two cocktails, four courses, and a side I forgot to mention (Aligot). I lived up to my moniker!

I probably shouldn’t have bought the pricey Sauternes. I’ve never heard of the producer (Gillett?), and it turns out that the vintage wasn’t very good. (So why is that on their menu?) But i had a hard time identifying any of the wines on the list. As I recall, two just said “pedro ximenez,” which is a grape and could be a Sherry or an Australian wine or who knows.

@Alkiegourmand you’re killing me :wink:

This is the list:

Redbird Menu Los Angeles | Brunch, Happy Hour, Dinner

The Pedro Ximenez clearly states NV which means non vintage and clearly states Jerez, Spain.

The “not so good vintage” Sauternes you ordered is actually from 1982! That was the first Robert Parker 100 point vintage from Bordeaux. Every Bordeaux including Sauternes is going to carry a premium from that vintage (not saying it’s worth the vintage premium or not). And I would argue that $38 for that is reasonable. It’s a $200 bottle at retail. None available in the US. I wouldn’t expect that to be particularly sweet and would have been better off matching it with a cheese course.

The list is well curated with some serious gems. It’s not some BS hipster winelist with a higher markup than Melisse (I’m looking at you Bestia).

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Oh okay! I stand corrected. I was a little drunk at that point in the meal.

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no worries, most people do.

I went to Bestia the other night and couldn’t believe the wine prices!

I love being blissfully unaware of wine prices.

There’s what? probably 1,000 wines just on Bestia’s list or something.

How do you guys have time to keep track of active pricing for all of them?

I just go, and drink really good wine, and pay whatever they ask. The premium is worth them finding it for me.

It’s pretty fucking dope not to be permanently ensconced in BK don’t ya think ???

More like 50-70. It’s 1 page.

I saw 1 wine there for $150 that I saw at Melisse the next day for $75.

Blissfully unaware or…

When at Bestia drink beer and cocktails. It’s better than the wine list anyways.

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I went to Redbird again for lunch. I had similar impressions to last night.

To begin, I love the open air dining room. I didn’t notice this last night. This is a great place to come for lunch, just for the atmosphere.

The food was mixed. I started with the vegetable salad. I thought this was great. All the vegetables were chopped into little cubes and coated in a light vinaigrette. Lentils added weight. I enjoyed the al dente texture of the vegetables, especially the jicama and green beans.

I then had the trout. I thought this was mediocre. The trout itself was nicely prepared and tasted fresh. But it was disappointingly bland. It needed more butter, salt, lemon, anything. Worse were the sides of quinoa and spinach, both of which were watery and bland. I thought this was a poorly executed dish overall.

Again, I made the mistake of going with what the waiters recommended with the trout. All the staff here are trained to give unsolicited recommendations. Kind of annoying. If it’s on the menu, you should stand behind it, and diners should pick based on their personal preferences.

I had the cookie plate as the dessert. All the cookies were good, and there was great variety.

Not to mention the “sense of humor” in the wine listings. WTF.

I agree, cocktails there are truly wonderful.

But Melisse ain’t my jam, so I am able to remain totally unaware.

All I know about Bestia and wine is that whenever I go, after a cocktail or two, I ask if Jesse is there, and I pretty much drink whatever he serves me. Have had some of the best wine experiences of my life doing this. I think the 44 year old Chenin Blanc I had last time there was one of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.

Maybe it if I wanted to go bargain hunting allover I could find it for less than $25 a glass, or who knows… but then I couldn’t drink it in that particular atmosphere, with those particular apple cider fried donuts, after a round with that particular ndjua pizza…

I don’t know. When you step into a place like Bestia, it just feels like letting the theoretical ideal of saving the most amount of money possible is pointless to me. I’m there for an experience. If I wanted to get the best price on a bottle of wine possible, I would just go to Total Wine and stay in.

I am sure that the fact that Bestia is the kind of place people like me go is precisely why they can charge 2x as much as Melisse…but were you offended enough to stop going to Bestia? I assume not. So to me, I would suggest that Bestia’s unique atmosphere just makes that the new price. No one is going to Bestia and getting so offended at wine markups that they leave and never return, so that’s just the price of wine there.

Or who knows, maybe it will lead to their downfall I guess…

Just saying, for me, it’s a spectacularly fun place to drink wine, and it seems like it is for a lot of other people as well. The fact that they make it so much easier to drink such awesome wine is worth whatever premiums I am unknowingly paying them.

Oddly enough…I can’t see myself drinking beer there, but I guess I mostly like sours, leaving me out of most places.