Regarding Her Food Festival

RE: Her food festival
From the website:

Jan 21-30, 2021

“Women-owned restaurants all over Los Angeles unite to offer unique collaborations with other female chefs, thematic menus, one-on-one conversations among female industry leaders, and much more. The food festival will launch on the anniversary of the groundbreaking Women’s March of 2017. Join us for 10 special days to illuminate, celebrate and uplift the sisterhood of restaurateurs in LA. To save her restaurants.”

So far, I’ve found two businesses that are easy and reasonable to support during this festival. Today I’m picking up chicken pot pies from Mother Moos and likely eating them this week.

Meals by Genet and Nickel Diner have teamed up to create a $13 pp soup kitchen option - the money raised will go to keep staff employed, and to put together meals for downtown food insecure residents.

I bought a couple of these, as I’ve enjoyed Nickel Diner so much over the years, and still remember the flush of feeling cool when at a table of my square co-workers I correctly answered a music trivia question posed by Kris. I don’t remember the question, i do remember I got a free cupcake and Kris’ worn in Yoko Ono tshirt.