Reliable Sushi in Van Nuys/North Hollywood

I moved to Van Nuys from Sherman Oaks a few months ago and have found pretty good neighborhood places for everything but sushi. I’m not looking for anything too high-end. I can go to Shunji or Kiriko, which are not far from my office, if I want to splurge, but I want to find something near my house where I can take friends or my parents who like non-traditional rolls but also want decent quality fish.

So are there any reliable sushi places in this area? I’m thinking of places between the 101 and Sherman Way and between Sepulveda and Lankershim?

On a related note, what is the word on Kaiju on Ventura at Woodman?

I’m going to add something to my original post. Please don’t respond with restaurants in Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, or Chatsworth. I know the sushi restaurants in those areas extremely well. This request really is for places in the targeted area. I’m trying to find a place that is only a 5 to 10 minute drive that would be a good neighborhood sushi bar.

Chiba Sushi on the Northwest corner Saticoy and Lankershim.

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Would Midori AYCE be too far toward the california-roll based dishes? The fish is decent (but nothing more), and the price is right…

Do the place you used to go to when you lived in Sherman Oaks not work for you anymore?

If you’re willing to drive to Encino (which I realize is slightly out of the area you’ve designated), I vaguely recall Sushi 4 on 6 and Toshi getting some positive reviews on CH (but don’t quote me). I’ve not been to either place.

I’ve heard about Chiba and plan to try it. What is the price like and is there usually a wait for seating?

Slightly outside your target area, but absolutely worth it, is Asanebo. I know of nothing better in the Valley.

Sushi 4 on 6 in Encino is very good indeed, but perhaps even further outside the OP’s requested area.

Most of the places I would go from Sherman Oaks were in Encino or further west – Hirosuke, which has closed, Okumura, Cho Cho San, Sushi Ichiban Kan – because my parents live there. The quality of Midori is a bit lower than I am seeking. Sushi 4 on 6 is okay. The quality of fish is pretty good, but for the price, I prefer Okumura for nigiri. I haven’t been to Toshi for years, but was never very excited by it. For non-traditional rolls, I would choose Cho Cho San. Sushi Ichiban Kan is better than all of the above, but Woodland Hills is a bit of a trek from Van Nuys.

I’m trying to limit the area because, as often happens, my parents come to my house and then ask “where should we eat?” I get funny looks when I suggest we go nearly all the way back to their house.

Go smart.

Chiba can get pricey, if you order Toro and the like, but it is well woth it at Chiba. We also sit at the west facing sushi bar and we always find seats, but we always go for lunch.

living in NoHo for the past 5 years, if you want good local sushi you go to Studio City.

where in studio city do you go these days ???

have you ever hit up Kazu ??? not to be confused with Katsu (oh, wait that reminds me of another thread).

I’m poor these days so I’ve been gorging on the poke craze - poke n roll in glendale for $10, pokinometry in hollywood for $8-$12.

Daichan when I’m feeling baller enough for the $15 poke.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a full on proper sushi meal…

I hit up Daichan and it’s gots that cutesy fucking atmosphere, with all that dope handcrafted shit there. definitely worth the fucking upcharge.

but then again 13.50 poke bowls with tax tip and probably a side dish, rounds up to more like $25 plus.

and that’s no fucking joke.

yeah, for a homey hole in the wall, Daichan is definitely in the $$ category.

I haven’t been in a few years, but prices were reasonable, service very good, and I was seated at the bar immediately. Its in what some consider to be a bit of a dicey neighborhood which may contribute to the lack of crowding.

Ebeth, which joint is in a pretty fucking vrappy neighborhood ???

Thanks man.

King’s Burger (in Northridge on Reseda next to CSUN).

I kid you not.

That joint ain’t half bad if you happen happen to be in the area and want decent fucking sushi or rather hamachi sashimi with black truffle jalapeno sauce sided with a triple chili cheeseburger.

and that ain’t no fucking joke;.

We have dear friends who live in Tarzana - and we are in Glendale/Eagle Rock. So meet up places are a challenge. However they just told us about their new fav sushi place, we met them there and - yes.

It’s not the biggest sushi place, or the fanciest. But the raw and cooked dishes are prepared well, they care and they are not too pricey.

That’s worth heaps in my book. And it’s Laurel Canyon and Magnolia, so I think it fits your parameters.

Tiny place so do make reservations.

You can also go to Sushi Yotsuya in Tarzana. And though I haven’t been there’s Sushi Iki also in Tarzana.

or Nishi-ya in Glendale for a makeshit version of Zo eats.

Sushi Iki is excellent quality, very large cuts, and even larger prices. They also have a limited selection. It isn’t remotely in the vicinity of where I am looking.