Removing bugs from produce tips

Does anybody have some good tips on removing bugs from veggies? While I’m fine with the odd aphid, my wife is a lot more exacting and after a caterpillar leapt out of her salad bowl a month or two ago has literally banned me from buying greens at the farmers market. I rinse and spin, and sometimes for the cauliflower/broccoli types I submerge them in water for a while, but it’s still a losing battle. And the farmers market veggies are so incredibly awesome! Ugh.

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Soak in plenty of water, stir vigorously with your hands, then use the sprayer.

The occasional bug means your produce doesn’t have toxic insecticide residue.


What Robert said -that’s about all you can do really.

I’d rather eat bugs than round up but YMMV and all that.

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I soak in water with some vinegar in a non porous bowl (glass or metal), rinse thoroughly with cold water a few times after then spin.

Warning: the acid in vinegar will eventually break down plastic so be sure to rinse well before using a plastic salad spinner.


I would say . That’s a bonus.