Renaming topics: threat or menace

Not understanding the rename of this thread. It’s clearly dedicated to the Cannabis restaurant, not the entire city of Santa Monica (which is home to many fantastic new restaurants, each deserving of its own thread).

Would you change other restaurant threads to Los Angeles updates, or Beverly Hills Updates? I think not.

Actually offended that you think that “starting a new thread for each opening doesn’t seem quite “worth it.””

And I’m actually confused at why you choose to express yourself in this way. Are you trying to engage me (or anyone else) in a generative conversation by your use of the word “offended?” This is a genuine question: what kind of response do you expect to your post?

Yes, I actually do think a post of a photo about a parking variance indicating a restaurant that no one knows anything about (and which may or may not open in the near future) is certainly “not worth” a new thread.

I don’t need to; there’s an entire “WSGV Updates” thread. There’s a “South Bay Staples” thread. There are THREE threads that literally have the phrase “Sawtelle Updates” in them. Are you offended by those posts, too?

TBH, I don’t recall any threads for Los Angeles or Beverly Hills where people are making posts w/ tiny amount of vague information (vs. “teaser” info for a restaurant that already has a social-media precedent).

So the precedent for what I, to a certain extent, had already been set. Oh, and BTW, I started this thread. There’s nothing “wrong” with me deciding to edit my own thread.

If you are offended by my post, just create a new thread for each of these restaurants. But if you expect that you being offended is going to change my behavior about this, well, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

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give peas a chance, happy holidays ya’ll


We need @robert to create a “Santa Monica thread: Threat or Menace” thread.


PGL’s updates (why not refer to myself in the 3rd person?) are always a threat and a menace. ::snort:: :wink: