Republique: Perfect Pasta

Dinner last night. The bread here is excellent. So is the normandie butter.

Pastas here are top notch. I dare say better than Bestia and maybe best in town now that Bucato has shuttered. Each pasta dish was perfectly al dente.

Gruyere and potato beignets were outstanding.

Escargot en croute was okay.

Not the biggest fan of the octopus with Vietnamese style salad.

Pastas killed it. The paparadelle with white truffles ($15/gram, 3 gram minimum). Paparadelle was thick and al dente. The white truffles were fragrant but lacked flavor. Not Republique’s fault but more my experience with this season’s white truffles.

Fettuccini with uni and crab was also a home run. I liked it better than Bestias version these days now that they’ve added lobster.

We also had a cavatelli with porcini, black trumpet mushrooms, and chanterelles. So good it was gone before I could take a picture.

The entrees were good but not great. Dry aged steak was super flavorful though. Chicken was $36 not $195. Cassoulet was okay.

Food was very good, pastas were superlative, service however was very slow. It was packed on a Tuesday so that might have something to do with it.


I really liked that octopus goi dish. Did not care for that escargot dish.

Had a meal at the bar once next to Bill Chait. The man likes moules frites evidently.

Love their old fashioned too.

This cavatelli it? Picture from a dinner there last December.

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Online they have a partridge dish on their menu ($195 chicken seems to be gone, as you noted), was that actually available in the restaurant??

It’s a dream of mine to try partridge. I need to get over there ASAP if it’s not already gone.

It’s too bad about the cassoulet not being great, I always have such high hopes for that dish but it rarely seems to work out somehow.

Which reminds me, the fries here are amazing. Double fried. Definitely worth ordering.

Partridge was not on the menu.

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Oh, those sound marvelous… ::sigh:: Maybe I can afford to go if business picks up next year. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. This dish of corn agnolotti with Santa Barbara prawns from earlier this year was superb.

that cavatelli totally looks like my jam

“Excuse me sir, can I please have some more?”


That cavatelli is everyone’s jam.

Way more balanced and natural than the heavy handed truffle oil laden version with cream and sausage at Bestia.

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if republique served nothing but their bread and pricey butter and that crock o’ lard and their drinks, i’d still go there.
now i’ll look harder at the pastas.

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Really? I didn’t find the bread very good when I went oddly enough…

Isn’t the butter just the beurre de barat they sell at Gjusta (and other high end places about town)?

I’d rather eat that butter on Gjusta baguette/rye/sourdough/etc… than Republique. Maybe they’ve improved their overly chewy baguettes since I went last though.

Their pastas are really great though, very “perfect” in their feel.

Their baguette is the best I’ve had in this city.

Thanks @Porthos and all. Darn it! Now I need to go back just for the pastas. :slight_smile:

i enjoyed the bread.
i don’t know what kind of butter they serve. there was a charge for “better” butter, i paid it,
and it was totally worth it.
it’s my understanding gjusta is 12 miles and a shit ton of traffic from republique. i don’t think
they serve drinks at gjusta.
but, thank you for the tip. if i go to gjusta, perhaps i will try the bread and butter.

The sweet corn and chanterelle agnolotti and eggs on eggs keep me coming back. Not sure if corn is in season though. But definitely try their pastas.


They must’ve improved it I guess.

I decided to see if I could have partridge for my final meal before undergoing massive surgery tomorrow. No luck. But I decided I ought to try Tournedos Rossini at least once in my life, and Manzke is using Escoffier’s sauce recipe, so it’s not a bad place to get the old dish.

Potato Beignets obviously lovely, being almost perfect fried spheres of shattering dough encasing cheese and potato. The little gems salad felt a bit overpriced but it’s pretty much just the sort of thing one hopes for when ordering a dish filled with green goddess dressing, toasted pumpkin seeds, and avocado in it. The pasta does indeed deliver in a huge way. Perfectly al dente, just the right bit of chew, and perfection in putting all of the simple ingredients together in the kale pesto torchietti. I think it is a correct summation to say that Republique is now doing the best pastas in LA since Bucato died. I’ve been for pasta 2 times in the past two weeks at Bestia, and although wonderful, think the pasta here upped them.

The tournedos was of course marvelously decadent. Really nothing less than seemingly perfect, classic French execution. Equal parts foie, filet, and truffles. And the potato mousseline was beyond silk…my word. A fitting final dish to be sure.

I skipped dessert though.

With a couple of spectacular chamomile cocktails, and a very costly, but perfectly matched glass of barolo I dropped $277 on dinner, but probably at least $77 was alcohol. So about $200 for food. Although one could order lighter, I must admit I only skipped out on 2 beignets and a few bites of pasta. I suppose that is the price one must pay for obscene amounts of foie and truffles, but part of me certainly imagines the QPR won’t make sense to many people. It’s a bit tricky for me to figure out what Republique is in a sense…is its only competitor in town essentially Spago? I wouldn’t mind having a tasting menu available there. But anyway, if you have the cash, it seems like Republique has certainly settled into a place where pretty much everything is “just right”. I forgot to try the bageutte though, ah well.


Had them on NYE. So lovely, indeed. Wish I could afford to order off the rest of the menu! :wink:

Hope your surgery goes well tomorrow!

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