Republique: Perfect Pasta

That chocolate cake looks totally right up my alley. Yum!!

Everything looks super delicious. Was the $70pp for just food? No wine or drinks? How many people shared in this meal?

The baguette at Republique is amazing and should not go unnoticed.

Hi @tailbacku,

Total. No wine this evening, I had one cocktail. And there were 3 of us; we were all stuffed (the charcuterie board (and housemade bread) definitely helped). :slight_smile:

$210 for all that food is not bad at all. Yes the charcuterie board is very filling. Problem for me is that it’s impossible to enjoy this type of food without a bottle or two of wine, so that always adds to my final bill.

I need to go back and get that spaghetti.

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2 notes: Gelato Uli has a killer black sesame gelato at the moment (or at least they did last week) Very heavy on the black sesame I was trying to imagine the cost of all that product in there. Every time I try and buy a tiny jar it’s pretty expensive.

If you like the Honey/Lime/Rum combo find someplace to make you a Canchanchara (an old Cuban drink) Which is great when the balance is right.


Is it @paranoidgarliclover who loves the black sesame?

Yes! Thanks for including me b/c I might’ve missed the Gelato Uli post. Trip to SGV not happening tomorrow, but maybe I can head to DTLA instead… :slight_smile:

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I love black sesame as well! :slight_smile:


Gah, I spaced on that; my apologies, @Chowseeker1999.

Hi @ElsieDee,

No worries. :slight_smile: I would say I’m more interested in helping us FTC’ers find great versions of their favorite dishes at times, so that influences what we order usually. :wink:

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Now THAT is interesting and I think worthy of its own site talk thread. I never consider what others might think/prefer/want to know about when I order. Do others really?

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Continuing off topic… Black sesame with chocolate sorbet


Is that from Gelato Uli? And how did the black sesame stand up to the chocolate? Black sesame can be a delicate flavor…

Yes, from Gelato Uli. The Chocolate is pretty amazing and has a great velvet texture. I was going for a nutbutter and chocolate thing - really the B.S. should have been on top. The chocolate did over power it a bit but it was still a good combination as the Black Sesame did have a lot of flavor as well. Maybe I should have gone with salted pistachio…

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Finally got the chance to get to Republique this past weekend for my birthday. LOVED IT.

I love that they have smaller/larger portions of the hors d’oeuvres, It gave us the opportunity to try more stuff! I went with 2 charbroiled oysters with applewood smoked bacon and truffles. Really great flavor and super fresh oysters. DH went with 2 piece foie gras torchon toast, with guava marmalade. Our server took the time to tell him how they made the torchon, what spices were used, etc. It was a nice touch. She also suggested we try the potato beignets with smoked eel and horseradish aoli. These were delicious, but not sure if I’d get the beignets next time as I’d rather save room for other goodness. We also did the charcuterie plate – it was excellent, and my favorite item of the night.

Other items we had were the beef tartare, the spinach cavatelli with mushrooms, the octopus salad, and the duck breast. We shared the tartare and pasta. The tartare was very good and the pasta had a great chew to it – very satisfying. The octopus salad had great flavors, and I’m glad I had it, but I’m not sure if I’d order it next time around, just because there are some other great options to try. DH loved the duck breast – I tried a bite and it was well seasoned and perfectly cooked.

We were too full for dessert, but our server brought out a scoop of their strawberry sorbet with a candle for me. I took a couple bites – great strawberry flavor.

Our bill was very reasonable considering all the food we ordered – $227 before tip, which included 2 cocktails and a glass of wine.


Happy birthday! Sounds wonderful. I will have to add Republique to my pre-ban fois gras gorge list.



Finally tried Republique for the first time and was blown away by the experience. I’ve always hesitated to try this place for dinner because the prices seemed so high. But the meal we had the other night was worth every single cent. Food, service, and setting were all among the very best I’ve ever had in LA.

We started with the potato and leek beignets, which were excellent. Fried perfectly and with a lovely kick from the horseradish aioli. I remembered too late to take a picture and gave up on photos thereafter as I was too busy enjoying my food and drink.

This was followed by the baguette with Normandy butter. The baguette was warm and crisp and the butter wonderfully thick and creamy. All I could think was how good it would taste served with a little ham as a sandwich.

Next up were the Coleman Farms Little Gems with green goddess dressing. This was tasty, with nice textural contrast from the toasted seeds, but nothing mind blowing. I’d probably sub this out for another order of pasta next time.

Cauliflower was a real standout – arguably the best thing we ordered all night. The warm and salty cauliflower paired perfectly with the cool lime yogurt and almonds. We initially ordered a large but switched to the small for fear of ordering too much. That was a mistake.

Then came the English Pea Agnolotti. The pasta was very well cooked and the pea flavor came through beautifully. This was just the perfect taste of spring. In retrospect, we should’ve ordered more pasta.

We shared the short rib for our main. The fat on the short rib and bacon was rendered perfectly and the textures and flavors of the meats complemented each other really well. What really took the dish to the next level, however, was the Maui onion sabayon. Creamy and sweet without being cloying.

We weren’t planning on having dessert but the Tarte Clafoutis with blueberries changed that. The flavors were on point with the tart blueberries preventing the dish from being too sweet. However, the berries were not mixed with the batter, which stuck to the side of the dish. I probably would skip this next time.

Drinks were excellent. My dining companion enjoyed both wine recommendations and I loved my G&T and Strawberry cocktails. Service was also top notch. Friend, down to earth, and attentive without being obtrusive. And the space … I absolutely adore what Manzke has done with the Campanile space.

I’m not yet prepared to say this is my favorite restaurant in LA but it’s certainly in the running. The remarkable flavors and precision of execution really set Republique apart. I’ll be back for more.


Hi @Bigmouth,

Glad you liked the visit. :slight_smile: Yah, their pastas are definitely some of the best items to order there. We loved the English Pea Agnolotti as well!

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Had another superlative meal at Republique recently that cements my feeling this is my favorite high-end food in town right now.

Beef tartare might be the best version of the dish I’ve ever tried. The crushed tarragon and pickled red onions combined perfectly with the meat and aioli. I liked this so much more than the traditional preparation with capers, etc.

Kanpachi crudo was also outstanding. The green curry provided a surprising and delightful note of coconut that really worked well.

Cauliflower was again a star of the show, as was the pea angnolotti. I tried to convince my dining companions to order more pasta and was again rebuffed. However, they regretted it when they saw the lobster and uni pasta being delivered to a neighboring table. I’m definitely getting that next time.

Short rib was again excellent. But the real revelation was the bass, which I was worried I wouldn’t like (I prefer raw fish to cooked) but ended up loving. Even the crispy skin, which can be a little too fishy for me, was absolutely scrumptious.

This time, we sat upstairs and loved it. Service was again friendly, competent, and unobtrusive. This is a place that’s hitting on all cylinders right now.


We went recently and loved many of the same dishes you did. The cauliflower, short rib, sea bass, and lobster pasta were all fantastic. The whole baguette thing with butter and pan drippings still tickles me silly…I’d never thought to serve bread with pan drippings before…simple but brilliant. Also loved the white chocolate sabayon…just the right amount of sweet with other contrasting flavors and textures.


Love the onion sabayon in the short rib dish. I’ll have to try the dessert next time!

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