Republique - Stunning Brunch, Lunch & Pastries Galore [Thoughts + Pics]


I can’t wait until this pie is back in season.


That was so good! Loved Pastry Chef Margarita Manzke’s Mango & Passion Fruit Pie.


This looks way better than advocado toast


Walter Manske was struck by a car and hospitalized. It seems like he’s be ok.

On a positive note, his wife was nominated for a James Beard award.


Update 5:


The dining room continues to remain gorgeous during the day, the space originally built for Charlie Chaplin, and then home to Campanile and now Republique.


Creme Brulee Bomboloni:



One of Pastry Chef Margarita Manzke’s outstanding offerings during Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, the Creme Brulee Bomboloni still has a wonderful glazed, lightly torched exterior with a beautiful custardy filling that’s not too sweet. :heart:

Matcha Green Tea Latte with Almond Milk:


Warming, nice creaminess balanced by the Matcha Green Tea.

Maine Lobster Omelette (Gruyere Cheese, Tarragon, Hollandaise, Spinach, Arugula Salad):




Perfectly cooked Omelette, still moist, eggy, fluffy, without being overcooked like far too many Breakfast spots around town. The Lobster meat was pleasant, but could’ve used a bit more of it. The Gruyere and Hollandaise added some nice creaminess. :slight_smile:


In many places the “Side Salad” would be an afterthought. At Republique, it’s a vibrant, fresh mix of Arugula and Spinach and Red Onions in a light Housemade Vinaigrette, its inherent bitterness and vegetal notes a great counterpart to the wonderful Omelette.

Another Visit:



Passion Fruit Mango Cream Pie:




Woo hoo! It’s back! :heart: (@A5KOBE @PorkyBelly @attran99 @TheCookie @J_L @hanhgry @foodshutterbug and others)

Thanks to our FTC’ers we discovered the joy of Pastry Chef Margarita Manzke’s now legendary Passion Fruit Mango Cream Pie last year. It was a sad day when it went out of season, but it’s back! :blush:

Imagine a delicate, beautiful tropical flavor coming through from the Mango and Passion Fruit combination, silky, creamy, and not overly sweet. Add on an outstanding flaky buttery crust and this is easily one of Pastry Chef Manzke’s best creations! :heart:


Creme Brulee Bomboloni:


Hikari Matcha Tea:


Nice accompaniment for all these wonderful Pastries. :slight_smile:


Black Sesame Cream Puff:


I had to try this for “research” and for @paranoidgarliclover’s sake. :slight_smile: This was light and airy, the Choux Creme having a great cloud-like texture, but unfortunately not enough Black Sesame flavor coming through. To be fair, I think we’re just spoiled by Pastry Chef Keiko Nojima’s ridiculous Black Sesame Cream Puff at Patisserie Chantilly, which has so much Black Sesame flavor that it makes this feel diluted in comparison. :slight_smile:

Vanilla Raspberry Cream Puff:


The Choux Creme filling works better in this version, delicate Vanilla, cloud-like airiness, with a good Choux exterior. :slight_smile:

Almond Carrot Cake:


Moist, light infusion of Almond filling with a Carrot Cake base. Tasty! :slight_smile:

Chewy Chocolate Cookie:


True to its name, this was a soft, chewy, deeply chocolatey Cookie. :slight_smile: A nice treat that’s not too sweet either.

Dry Aged Beef Burger (American Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Special Sauce, Fries) (Sauce on the Side):




My first encounter with Republique’s Dry Aged Beef Burger a couple years ago was disappointing because their Special Sauce (Chef Manzke’s take on Thousand Island but more tart and punchy) overwhelmed the Burger.

But thanks to @ipsedixit’s excellent tip - ask for Sauce on the side - and it completely transforms the Burger! @ipsedixit was right: With the Secret Sauce on the side (and you can just lightly add a bit when you want), you’re left with an amazing Dry Aged Beef Burger: A perfect medium rare, good beefiness in every bite, excellent Housemade Brioche Bun, Lettuce, Tomato and Caramelized Onions. So good! :heart:


The accompanying French Fries are medium-thick cut Fries, with a good crispiness on the outside, nicely seasoned. :slight_smile:

Pea Soup (Creme Fraiche):


Excellent, a nice inherent sweetness from the Peas, not too salty.

Grilled Chicken Salad (Kale, Roasted Vegetables, Farro, Dates, Candied Pecans, Cumin-Honey Vinaigrette):



This is a hearty, filling Salad, with a generous amount of Grilled Chicken, a fresh Kale base, with plenty of nicely Roasted Vegetables, balanced by Farro, Dates and very good Candied Pecans, and the Cumin-Honey Vinaigrette is a great match. This could easily stand as a full meal on its own.

Bucatini Cacio e Pepe:



Easily one of the best Cacio e Pepe Pastas in L.A.! Outstanding Bucatini Pasta, beautiful toothsome chew, not overcooked, balanced peppery and lightly pungent cheesy notes in every bite! :heart:

Lemon Poppyseed Loaf:



Deep citrus notes, moist, lightly sweet. :slight_smile:

15th (?) Visit:


Golden Juice (Pineapple, Beet, Carrot, Ginger, Orange Juice, Turmeric):


It could’ve used a bit more Ginger, but otherwise, this was a good tropical drink with the Pineapple and Orange Juice mellowed out by the earthiness of the Beets and Carrots.

Bucatini Cacio e Pepe:



Their Bucatini was so good last time, I had to try it again: It was even better on this visit! Perfect Pasta texture, elemental with quality ingredients. :slight_smile:

16th+ Visit:


The amazing Pastry case is reason enough to stop by Republique for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch:


Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake:




Yes! For those that didn’t know, Pastry Chef & Co-Owner Margarita Manzke’s legendary Salted Chocolate Caramel Cake was so popular for Dinner, it started dominating and “cannibalizing” sales of their other Desserts so it was taken off the menu (according to our server). It’s been gone for our last 3 Dinner visits, but it’s available for Brunch / Lunch right now! :blush: (@PorkyBelly @TheCookie @A5KOBE @attran99 and others)

It is as decadent and ridiculous as before: So chocolatey! The lovely Salted Caramel, moist, rich Dark Chocolate Cake! One of the best Desserts in L.A. :heart:

Hot Matcha Green Tea:


Pistachio Croissant Roll:



I love Pistachios and I love Croissants. This seemed like a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, the Croissant is too dense. :frowning: It was also a bit dryish. If this was fresh out of the oven and still warm, it might be something worth trying.

Cremadette (Vanilla Pastry Cream, Caramelized Puff Pastry):



This was a new Pastry we hadn’t seen before at Republique, the Cremadette had a flaky, crisped texture with a fragrant lightly sweetened Vanilla Pastry Cream filling. This was pretty delicious, but would’ve been even better if the Pastry Cream was more silken (it looks like it started setting).

Fried Chicken Sandwich (Cabbage Slaw, Sweet Pickles, Potato Chips):



Being one of the top L.A. Pastry Shops / Bakery, it starts with the excellent Housemade Poppyseed Brioche / Pan de Mie Bun: Rather voluminous, but soft and pliant, and it holds up to the ingredients within, the Cabbage Slaw gives way to a crunchy Fried Chicken center with a zesty seasoning and moist Chicken within. Eaten together, it’s delicious! :heart:


Their Housemade Potato Chips are crispy and fresh, without being too oily.

Grilled Chicken Salad (Kale, Roasted Vegetables, Farro, Dukkah, Hummus, Cumin-Honey Vinaigrette):




Today’s version of the Roasted Chicken Kale Salad is even heartier (in a good way), with a good Hummus accompanying a new Dukkah (Egyptian Nut mix) topping.

Cuban Sandwich (Slow Roasted Pork, House-Cured Ham, Gruyere Cheese, Garlic Mojo, Dijon Mustard, Pickles):





I am not a Cuban Sandwich expert so I can’t speak to the authenticity of Republique’s version, but this is probably the best Cuban Sandwich I’ve ever had. It starts with the crisped, crunchy seared Housemade Bread which yields to an insanely aromatic porcine flavor from Republique’s House-Cured Ham! It is gorgeously porky! :heart:

Add in the melted Gruyere Cheese, Garlic Mojo, Dijon Mustard and a bit of tart from the Pickles and you have an incredible Cuban Sandwich! :heart: (@CiaoBob @PorkyBelly @A5KOBE and others.)

18th Visit:




Mango Passion Fruit Cream Pie:




The Mango Passion Fruit Cream Pie is even better on this visit! :heart: Once again, a perfect balance of fragrant Passion Fruit flavors, tropical Mango and a super light Cream, and that excellent Pie crust! :heart:

What’s even crazier to think about: 2 of Pastry Chef Margarita Manzke’s greatest creations are available at the same time for Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch right now! (The amazing Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake and her Mango Passion Fruit Cream Pie.) :open_mouth: :heart: :blush:

All she needs to offer is her insane Buko Pie as well, and I think Republique might shut down from the convergence of such greatness. :smile: Sadly, her Buko Pie still remains at Sari Sari Store only.

We ordered some Pastries to go:


Chocolate Chip Cookie:


A very good Chocolate Chip Cookie, with a nice chew and moistness (not crumbly).

Blueberry Coconut Lemon Loaf:


This was fine, not as tasty as her Lemon Poppyseed.

Creme Brulee Bomboloni:


Cast Iron Pancake (Pudwill Farms Blueberries, Maple Butter):





Our server mentioned that this new Cast Iron Pancake was different from their Austrian Pancake from last year. Visually it looked very similar, but taking a bite, it was less eggy, still very airy and fluffy, and arriving piping hot! :blush: It’s not a traditional American Pancake that you might be thinking of, but I think it’s much better. The Maple Butter and Pudwill Farms Blueberries helped to make this more Dessert-like and decadent.

Arugula Salad (Ha’s Farm Apples, Drake Farms Goat Cheese, Candied Pecans, Lemon Vinaigrette):



This was a pretty fantastic Salad: The Wild Arugula was nicely bitter and bright, balanced by the Ha’s Farm Apples for some crispness. Some Mint, sweet, nutty Candied Pecans, nice funkiness from Drake Farms Goat Cheese, and then a nice bit of citrus from the Lemon Vinaigrette made for a satisfying Salad. :slight_smile:

Fried Chicken Sandwich (Cabbage Slaw, Sweet Pickles, Potato Chips):




It’s gotten even better: Again the excellent fluffy Housemade Brioche Bun, the slight nuttiness from the Poppyseeds, the Fried Chicken within is crunchy and juicy, and has decent bit of spice. The confluence of flavors coming together, and the excellent execution make this a stellar Fried Chicken Sandwich! :heart:

Republique continues to shine as a great place to start your day, for a great Lunch and for Dinner. Pastry Chef Margarita Manzke’s best creations are available for Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch, with arguably the best Pastry case in the city right now.

For folks curious about what makes Pastry Chef Margarita Manzke so good, look no further than the Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake and Mango Passion Fruit Cream Pie, both available right now only for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch. Or try a Creme Brulee Bomboloni, or perhaps a Vanilla Raspberry Cream Puff.

Dig into some of the best Pasta in the city with their Bucatini Cacio e Pepe, or the Rigatoni Bolognese. Their Dry Aged Beef Burger (Sauce on the Side) with crispy Fries is outstanding as well. The Fried Chicken Sandwich might be the 2nd best in the city (behind only Howlin’ Ray’s), and their Cuban Sandwich is stunning with its House-Cured Ham.

624 South La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tel: (310) 362-6115


Thank you for trying the black sesame cream puff! Sounds like the it’s technically very well done, at least. Seriously, w/ posters carrying around their own salt and rice cookers, I think I’m going to bring a stash of black sesame paste w/ me whenever I get dessert. :wink:

All of it sounds so delicious, but the hamburger and bucatini are really calling to me… :slight_smile:


Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Thanks. :slight_smile: Yes! You need to set the standard, BYOBSP (Bring Your Own Black Sesame Paste)! :smile:

I think you’ll love the Bucatini Cacio e Pepe and Dry Aged Beef Burger (don’t forget to ask for the Sauce on the side). :slight_smile:


Thanks for report and tip on the mango passion fruit cream pie and cuban sandwich @Chowseeker1999, can’t wait to try it.

Did you notice if the pie is something that sells out quickly? Or does it usually last through lunch?


Hi @PorkyBelly,

The first time we saw the Mango Passion Fruit Pie back in stock, it was I think 10:30 a.m.? The 2nd time we saw it was about 11:00 a.m. with only 2 slices left. (On a weekday.)

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Pi day is coming up!

Thanks for the pictures and heads up, gonna have to make it to lunch one day. Happen to notice the wait times?



Thanks! It averaged about 20 - 35 min for brunch / lunch waits on these visits.


Yes! The Passion Fruit Mango Pie is back!!!


I need one go get their mango pie

Your superior food reporting and appetite never cease to amaze me @Chowseeker1999

I’m gonna have to temporarily go off my diet to try the mango passionfruit pie!

I love Cubano sandwiches, but oftentimes I find the quality of ham and roast pork lacking — looking forward to trying this one in the future.


So I bought the “baking at Rebublique” cookbook hoping to find the salted caramel chocolate cake recipe, and the passion fruit mango cream pie recipe. Nope. Oh well I will just have to fake it. Will post my efforts in Homecooking after Lent.


Hi @foodshutterbug,

You are too kind. :slight_smile: Not sure if it’s worth breaking your diet over the manga passion fruit cream pie, and the Cuban sandwich, but if you do, hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! :slight_smile:


@Chowseeker1999 Thanks for your concerned reply - I’d probably have a high protein bfast at home and then go for the mango passionfruit or other cream pie and a bomboloni as a high carb lunch :grin: I’ve been planning a pastry visit to Republique for the past 3 years while losing close to 30 lbs so far. I’ve earned a visit!

As for the Cubano, I won’t get it for a few more months. Given that the ham and pork are made in house in small batches, 1/2 a leftover sandwich will likely not lose too much flavor.

I’ve had Cubanos at Porto’s and at Versailles in Miami and their ham and roast pork has the distinctive taste of mass produced pork — smearing it with pungent yellow mustard, sharp tasting pickles and topping it with melted Swiss cheese helps to offset those flavors, but I want to taste really good pork and ham, hence my curiosity with Chef Manzke’s version.


Hi @foodshutterbug,

Congrats! Nice job on your diet. :slight_smile: If you eventually make it over to Republique hoping you enjoy your visit. :slight_smile:

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Republique is now offering Delivery and Take-Out during this pandemic.

We are open for pick up & delivery starting Wednesday, March 18th!

Starting tomorrow morning, we will be serving an assortment of pastries and favorites from our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Hours will be from 8am - 7pm .

Call the restaurant to place your order at 310-362-6115 !

And keep your eye out for our partnerships with GrubHub and Postmates coming soon!