Restaurant 917 at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles (Carson): A Pictorial Essay

A few hours at the Porsche test track in Carson is not the worst way one could spend a sunny summer afternoon. Luckily, the food at (on-site) Restaurant 917 is quite good as well!

Porsche 918 Spyder Supercar, for those who also have the Taycan on order…

Some bubbly to enjoy as we await our seat…

Nice, airy observation-deck seating allows every diner a panoramic view of the test track…

King of the Ring: Suntory Whisky Toki, lemon juice, honey syrup, sage… Nicely poured.

German pretzel bread, with butter from Stuttgart, sea salt… Tasty as heck bread, served with cute, 911-shaped butter. Dr. Ferdinand would approve.

Cavatelli: Beef ragout, cherry tomatoes, pecorino, ragout… Nice al dente finish on the pasta, with a balanced flavorful ragout.

Sea scallops: English pea purée, Black Forest ham, white beans, wild mushrooms, tendril… Perfectly sear on those tasty large scallops. The dish is a tad on the rich side, with the mushrooms playing a surprisingly earthy counterpoint.

The wheels on them Porsches go round-and-round…

Dessert time! Strawberry Rhubarb: Berry compote, shortcake, rhubarb emulsion, meringue ring… Delicious!

Restaurant 917 offers customers at the track a chance to grub on some well-executed dishes while enjoying the action on the track.


Restaurant 917 at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles
19800 S. Main St.
Carson, CA 90745


This sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. Is this the same place where you can rent a car and zoom around the track?

I’m surprised the menu doesn’t say “THERE ARE NO SUBSTITUTIONS.”


Indeed. But since I get my kicks on Route 66 the Autobahn und Nürburgring, it was a food-only trip to the track…

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Hi @J_L,

Aw. At first I was thinking this was a trip of the FTC Ballers Club where you, @ipsedixit @Porthos would finish off the day driving your fleet of Porsches. :wink:


Nice report, there have been some fun events / meets at PECLA since it opened, definitely fun to see all the smiling faces where grown men turn to children!

The commute home. The real fun is in Europe, with some stallions or bulls.

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The real fun is at The Thermal Club, and they have better food than 917, too.

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Hey man…
What’s the first rule of Thermal Club?

Dunno, I give up.

The serious school is still only available in AL :triumph:

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Take your guests to Shadow Lake Estates after for jet ski?

Even better: Ikea.

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(Clicks on the link. Watches The Thermal Club video.)

“To be a member at Thermal Club you have to buy one of their $2.6 Million Villas.” :expressionless:

Yup that’s why @ipsedixit @Porthos @J_L are our FTC Ballers Club. :wink: Please say “Hi!” to @Porthos for me next time you’re on the track @ipsedixit @J_L. :slight_smile:

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My girlfriend was talking about this tonight. For Father’s Day she treated her husband to a Driving Experience and a great meal. They had a fab time!