Restaurant Closings San Diego 2015

Hopefully this topic will be hardly used

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Knowing SD … I’m putting the over and under at 750 replies.

(And great to see you hear honkman.)

AJs Fish Merchant in San Carlos (that’s a SD suburb, not the city in NorCal) has been advertising their restaurant and everything in it for sale on FB since last Friday. Selling resto complete, including recipes for $100,000.

Food was actually really good but it was over priced and the wrong concept for the neighborhood. They were, however, usually pretty busy, so I’m guessing something semi-catastrophic may have caused the sudden closing.

Not really a surprise or a big loss (beside the job loss for the workers) but all Haggens are closing

Just saw that Endzone in North Park is closed

Delicias in Rancho Santa Fe is closing - two great meals (tasting menus) under McCabe and under Molina - everything else not so much

Roppongi in La Jolla has closed

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Not missed.

I think when they modernized the place, that was the death knell. It turned off the regular heart of the village RSF crowd. Think old and their parents. I think a more modern place would of done better down in the Fairbanks Ranch area, around where that Lecudia Pizza is located. While they modernized the Inn and it seems to be doing fairly well, I think they get a bit younger crowd there, who are staying at the Inn. Curious to see what will go in space

And Comun is gone

I wonder if the rents are just too high in that area of the East Village.

With baseball season over, I can see most places that do not have a major alcohol-focused business have a rather difficult time surviving.

There is a report on Eater SD that Chad is relocating back to Spokane

And with that went all the monies owed to vendors,


Maybe they should get Top Chef to pay monies owed.

Would my boycotting Craft Pizza in UTC be an appropriate response? I sort of like that place, at least for mall food court cuisine, but you do what you have to do.

Wow. .
Is there more to the story then I’m just going up to Spokane and opening a little place and connecting with my family and friends?
Top Chef?

We love you :dolphin:!!

How was your gig with Bayless yesterday?
Forgot about your gift cards that are perfect for friends and family in SD!!!

Kitchen 4140 closed

that is very unfortunate, only decent brunch in my area. Damn.

What a long strange trip they’ve had.

Yes, and parts of that trip have been very unhappy ones.

I really thought 4140 had stabilized, in spite of the high prices.

Very sad.