Restaurant delivery services

I started using Doordash a couple of years ago when, due to surgery, I was unable to drive for a couple of months. I found it to be a life changer. I especially liked the fact that I could order ahead of time, not just ASAP. Thus, in the morning I would figure out what I wanted for dinner that night, punch in the time and the delivery was almost always right on time.
Lately, I have had some awful experiences with them. So, I decided to give Postmates a try. Unfortunately, they don’t provide the option of advance ordering. I did use the ASAP the other night and the ETA turned out to be correct. I also like that Postmates gives the option of tipping after the delivery has been made. Both services use real-time tracking. Postmates offers a $9.99 monthly fee option which eliminates service charge and offers free delivery on orders over $25.00
DoorDash has more user-friendly website. Have never used Uber’s service.
Would be interested in hearing other opinions of these services or alternate ones.


I think Eat24 has advance ordering FWIW.

I’ve used the “order from restaurants” option on the Amazon PrimeNow app multiple times. The pros are no delivery fee - it’s part of the bundle of services that come with a (paid) Prime membership - real-time tracking and the ability to adjust your tip after the delivery has been made. The cons are limited number of restaurants and no provision for pre-ordering for delivery at a set time, unlike with their grocery delivery option.

I’ve found customer service to be excellent with PrimeNow. They give you an estimated delivery window and, if the actual delivery time is outside that window, you’re automatically given a $10 credit. They respond to emails within minutes and you can call and talk to an actual human being, imagine that!


DoorDash generally charges menu price + markup, in addition to delivery cost. Restaurant may or may not even know they are fulfilling a DD order.

UberEats/GrubHub charge menu price + delivery fee and are partnered up with all the restaurants they work with. Amz is also partnered up with the restaurants they work with.

Thus, AMZ/GH/UE will be the most reliable, followed by PM/DD. GH/UE/PM/DD all use 1099 employees, so how good they are is directly related to how lucky you are and who decided to show up to work that day.

If y’all want $10 UberEats codes, let me know. I could use the free food :joy:

Real time tracking is also available for UberEats.


We use both DoorDash and Eat24 at work because we don’t have a lot of dining options nearby. DoorDash has been hit or miss for us. They have forgotten to pick up items at the restaurant, run late without informing us, and they don’t seem to double check the orders. We’ve had entire pizzas missing, and we’ve also gotten the wrong order because the driver picked up 2 orders from the same restaurant and handed us the wrong one. Reaching someone at DoorDash is near impossible – they don’t publish any phone numbers.

Eat24 has been a bit better for us. They deliver on time (and even early) and the orders have all been correct. The only negative is that they don’t have as many restaurants to choose from, at least in our area.

I’ve recently been using DoorDash and had really good luck so far. Before that, it was Restaurants Express, which was fine, but they had heftier delivery fees and order minimums that made it a really poor value for me. Haven’t tried Amazon yet, but I will.

Went to Grub Hub and see that they offer advance ordering.

Try LA Bite.

Use DD and PM. We use DD a lot more, but only because we started with them, so it’s the path of least resistance. Use PM only when the restaurant isn’t covered by DD. Both have been close to 90%on time or early. DD has had some problems with items missed, wrong stuff delivered. I don’t believe they check. Happy with both services, in general.

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A little off topic . My question has the food delivered turned soggy or luke warm ? When I get take out by the time I get home or delivered it has morphed into something else . Soups may survive , but other foods do not . Even takeout pizza is a mess and you have to reheat it .

100% luck. Depends whether or not the courier is there when your food is done, how it waited at the restaurant (under heat lamp? In a warmer? On the counter?) and if the courier has multiple orders, and if so where you stand on the pecking order.

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I find, with few exceptions, that most hot food will need to be zapped in the microwave for about 30 seconds, I have a great Breville Toaster oven which reheats pizza beautifully, there is even a setting for it. Same setting reheats french fries. The toaster oven comes with a pan just for the purpose of reheating pizza. I was a very loyal Door Dash customer and even communicated directly with the Los Angeles management team. If something was amiss they were right on it. Recently, I have noticed that they are no longer answering emails. Had a problem with a delivery from ROC (3rd problem in a row) and they did not respond. They claimed to have delivered my food but it never arrived. When I spoke to customer service I was told that the delivery person never showed up to pick up the food. Customer service gave me full refund and $30 credit for next order. I used the credit and that is why I am now shopping for another service. Appears that there are management problems with Door Dash. Used Postmates tonight for ROC and it was fine.

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:relaxed: @Ns1 - I actually ordered a sandwich from Wally’s via UberEats after reading some of your recent posts. I think it was the BBQ thread. I work in a restaurant dead zone. Unless we want Chinese or Pizza we have to drive. UE is a handy service.

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DoorDash screwed up for the last time. Delivered a recent order 2 hours late. Their regional managers, who used to be accessible are M.I.A. Got a recent $30.00 credit for recent screw up. Used it tonight for Fresh Corn Grill which was offering free delivery. Credit covered meal and I paid $4.00 for tip. I am done with DD.
Have had better luck recently with Post Mates and I tip after the food is delivered. Does anyone have experience with DTLA food delivery? DD always unreliable and Post Mates has very limited service.

Postmates has been working out pretty well for us. The arrival time changes a lot on the tracking, but the food arrives hot and intact. I like the tipping afterward too - no small talk - hi and bye.

Edit: Free delivery for $20 or more.