Restaurant Discounts for Carrying a Concealed Weapon?

Is this a trend that’s spreading? Do you want some lead with your coffee?

10/26/2015: Indiana Restaurant Offers 25 Percent Discount to Customers With Concealed Carry Gun Permits

09/29/2014: Gun-Carrying Guests Get 10 Percent Off at This Louisiana Restaurant

04/05/2013: Virginia Restaurant Offers 10% Discount to Gun Owners

Personally, even Texas doesn’t go that far – for on-sale (bars and restaurants) establishments deriving 51 percent of their income from alcohol sales, guns are prohibited, even with a concealed weapons permit!

So what may be OK at “Charbux” won’t be OK at the “Dew Drop Inn.”

Well if nothing else it’s a way for restaurant owners to keep tabs on the hidden guns in their establishment.

That presumes the gun owner carrier wants to save the 10 percent . . . you’ve get a better shot at 25%.

I see what you did there