Restaurant Openings in San Diego 2015

Let’s start the new forum with the most important topic - new restaurant opening


Mentioned earlier, but worth mentioning here again.

Samba Brazilian Cuisine
C Street (btwn 8th/9th) in DTSD
(619) 239-1220

What’s good there ? I just went on their webpage and couldn’t find any menu

From my previous post on Samba

Know that a bunch of 'Hounds here work/live in the downtown area, and are generally on the lookout for good lunch spots.

With that said, please allow me to offer up Samba (on C Street, near 8th).

A total Brazilian street-food n00b, but I enjoyed the tapioca crepes and the pastels. There are something like 15 different fillings for either the crepes or pastels.

We had one with bacon, tomatoes and basil (a Brazilian BLT!), and another with sausage and onions. Both were very good, and at $7 each, a bargain in my book.

Hey Honkman!

I remember seeing you on the SD Boards on CH. :smile: Glad to see you here. Welcome!

Be sure to tell us about any great SD restaurants to try this year, LOL.

This site seemed to be way too optimistic and needed some German grumpyness


Glad you’re here


Anyone know where we can get some grumpiness?

Prefer German varieties- they do it the best.

Still tuetonic, but Austrians greatly out grumpy Germans in my experince.

Hold on. I ride Austrian motorcycles. Let’s not throw those stones too hard.

Just saw a sign for Muscle Mill Restaurant, in PB, this should be interesting. What is their specialty going to be ‘beef cakes’, a 12 inch sausage, come on, choose a better name.

Good grief. Hilarious! Might make some people blush just to enter the place and read the menu. Let alone eat these things. Must be their idea of cute and clever.

I think this place can safely remain off my to-try list.

Muscle Mill is touting food for the fitness minded where they offer options for different levels of protein, carbs, and fat. Their stated goal is a little hokey but will give you an idea of what they are all about. . . . “Inner Potential” Ha!

" Our goal is to teach and help people eat for health and optimize their inner potential.

Just what I need from a server at a resto, inner potential.

The old Sonny’s BBQ space at 25th and Market has been reinhabited by “The Garlic Shack.” I was not able to find their website…so we shall see…

Juniper and Ivy is opening The Crack Shack on Kettner. .
This could be my new addiction…ha ha

Here is the deal:
Open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, The Crack Shack’s outdoor layout is designed for all-day drinking and eating, with 100 seats available at shaded picnic tables, a 12-seat bar and a drink rail facing Kettner Boulevard. Bluemotif Architecture (Kettner Exchange) designed the space as the ultimate party deck, which will include three TVs, a bocce ball court and a gas fire pit and fireplace.

Bocce court? bar? Sweet, I haven’t seen one of those since my student days in St. Louis, where up on the Hill there were several bars that had courts out in the back. That was back in the day when having a Busch beer was not ironic. The name though needs work, since I am already addicted to Cardiff Crack, I can’t have two crack addictions.

I’ve read about a place by that name that was up in Sacramento (now closed). Sounds like they make things with the garlic equivalent of a “10” spiciness at Sab-E-Lee. I like garlic – a lot – but it sounds like this place might be a tad over the top. As you said, “we shall see”. It’ll be fun to try, anyway.

Stone Brewery Garden at Liberty Station has two bocce courts in the inner courtyard